Luminato wants YOU to volunteer with us for our festival!

Luminato depends on our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help transform the city each June. Our diverse groups of volunteers are the face of Luminato. Not only do they enhance the audience experience by providing world class customer service, they also lend onsite support to bring art to life working alongside Luminato artists and staff.

Since Luminato’s inception in 2007, volunteers have played an integral role in the successful execution of each and every event. It is with deep gratitude that we would like to thank our devoted, enthusiastic, talented and diverse volunteer teams for their ongoing commitment and support. We are forever indebted to each of you for sharing our passion for bringing adventurous art to adventurous places and highlighting Toronto’s artistic vibrancy.

On behalf of the Luminato Volunteer team, we thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Please submit an application to join our amazing team in 2019! We would love to have you.

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Here are some of our favourite volunteer perks!

My mentees asked me why I volunteer ... The volunteer experience itself is the payment, along with the benefits of getting to discover the city, be a part of the artistic landscape, meet artists and other like-minded volunteers. Besides, it’s free summertime fun you can attend with both family and friends. — Marline Jones, CultureLink Mentor, Luminato Festival 2014



Volunteer Hours
Spend time with amazing people, supporting the arts and enjoying Toronto summer! All while logging hours for your school or work!



Meet and build relationships with people who are interested and invested in the arts.



Transferrable Skills
Develop interpersonal skills, customer service experience and more – these come in handy in any career!



We provide a Luminato T-shirt for all our volunteers. Wear it proud all year round!



Reference Letter
We are happy to provide reference letters for your next job search.



Volunteer Party
At the end of all your hard work, we like to celebrate by throwing a fun get-together!

Plus, when you spread your love and volunteer at multiple arts and culture organizations in the city, you can attend the Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture in Toronto (VAACT)! Learn more >


Volunteer Positions

+ Ambassadors

+ Festival Administrative Volunteers

+ Volunteering Opportunity for Newcomers to Canada

+ Volunteer Youth Team (VYT)

Mentorship Programs


Mentors play a leadership role, working with a group of volunteers dedicated to specific programs.

+ CultureLink Team

+ Team Leaders

Department under construction

We are going through some changes! Stay tuned for updates.

Questions? Send us an email!


Ready to take the plunge?

As our valued volunteers, you will be woven in to the experience of each person who comes to Luminato festival, reflecting Toronto’s diversity and keen love for the arts. We couldn’t do it without you, and we couldn’t be luckier to have this group with us as we march forward. Don't wait, join us on this wild ride!

The Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture in Toronto (VAACT)


Luminato is proud to be a part of VAACT, a program that strives to recognize volunteers who contribute their time to multiple arts and culture organizations throughout the year in the city of Toronto. The program ends each year with an awards ceremony for VAACT participants, scheduled on International Volunteer Day.

In order to be eligible to attend the VAACT awards ceremony, volunteers must complete the minimum volunteer requirements with at least three of the cultural organizations listed below.

VAACT photos