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Become a Member

Experience art, culture, and community by joining Luminato’s NEW membership program! A Luminato membership connects you to unforgettable moments across the city. Get free access to events, exclusive invitations, and year-round programming. Join today for only $60 to support and enjoy the best of Luminato.


  • $25 credit towards any 2024 ticket*
  • Guaranteed reservations
  • Two free drink vouchers**
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • 25% off regular tickets with guaranteed priority booking
  • Year-round programming, artist talks, & networking opportunities
  • Subscription to quarterly e-newsletters

*Tickets may be booked through ToLive. Subject to capacity. Restrictions apply.
**Redeemable at the Concert Weekend.


  • Creative Current: Lunar New Year and Dragon’s Tale sneak peek
  • Light Up Downsview drone show event featuring artist Katharine Harvey
  • Luminato’s 2022 Cabaret events
  • Luminato’s 2022 Opening Night Party
  • Creative Current: Lavender Creek Story Cabaret

I’m delighted to be a Luminato Member. The programming is excellent and I’m thrilled to be a part of one of the most vibrant and emerging arts scenes in Toronto. 

Alain Bartleman, Luminato Member

Terms & Conditions

  • Membership is active for 365 days and certain benefits may be applied to the next Festival year.   
  • Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable.    
  • Partial tax receipts will be issued in lieu of any benefits loss from COVID-19 restrictions.    
  • Benefits and prices are subject to change.   
  • All events are subject to capacity. 


Q. How can I redeem tickets?

Promo codes and RSVP link will be emailed to you to register.

Q. What happens if I purchase a membership after the Festival? 

Your membership is active for 1 year, and benefits will roll over to the next year until your expiry date.

Q. How can I purchase discounted tickets? 

You can access discounted links through TO Live on your Account.

Q. Where can I receive my drink vouchers? 

Please collect your drink tickets at the membership desk. Drink tickets are redeemable only at a specific venue.

Q. Will I receive a tax receipt?

No since benefits exceed the receiptable amount. But please consider making a donation: https://luminatofestival.com/support/donate/.

Q. Who can I contact?

Please contact [email protected].