Festival Partners

Our partners bring Luminato to life.

To learn more about how your organization can support Luminato, contact Natasha Udovic, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships at nudovic@luminato.com

Founding Government Partner

Major Partners
Logo for the city of Toronto. The word Toronto is spelled out in black capital letters using a sans-serif font. An image of Toronto's City Hall is placed at the beginning of the word Toronto. The building is two rounded towers facing one another, with a shorter podium at the base of the towers


Presenting Partners
RBC Logo
The words Ontario Arts Council are displayed in black sans-serif letters. The french translation appears below it. The tag-line "an Ontario government agency" is displayed below with a french translation below that. A stylized logo with the letters O A C is displayed on the left-hand side. The O is grey, the A is red, and the C is black.
Program Partner
Logo for Toronto Dominion Bank's Ready Commitment. The words T D Ready Commitment are displayed in capital letters using a serif font. The T D bank logo is placed at the beginning of the words. The logo is a bright green square with stylized letters, T D
Government Partners
Logo for the Canada Council for the Arts. The words Canada Council for the Arts are displayed in light blue sans-serif letters, with the french translation appearing on the right-hand side. An illustrated logo of a stylized tree with a circle surrounding the trunk is displayed on the left-hand side.
Logo for the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund. The words Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund are displayed in black capital letters using a sans-serif font. The french translation appears directly below the english. Their logo is displayed on the left-hand side and contains the letters O C A F on top of the letters F M C O.
Official Partners
OLG coloured logo. The letters OLG appear on top of a red triangle. The letters are a dark blue colour with yellow circles around them. The logo is on top of a dark blue background.
Facebook logo in gray text, all caps
Bloomberg logo in black text that reads Bloomberg
Power Corporation of Canada logo as the words in blue below a blue circle with the monogram PCC.

Downton Yonge logo. Downtown appears in black text and Yonge appears in coloured red, green, purple, blue, and orange circles. Each individual letter in Yonge has its own circle around it.


Major Media Partners
Media Partners
The Branded Cities logo is orange bold font in all caps on a white background. The word Branded sits above and to the left of the word cities, which is bigger in height.
Astral logo is black text spelling Astral on a white background.
The Outfront logo is black text in all caps spelling Outfront.
The Pattison Outdoor Advertising logo is a blue oval with Pattison in white capital letters inside the oval. Below the oval the words Outdoor Advertising are all caps in blue.
Logo for The Globe and Mail. The words The Globe and Mail are stacked one op top of the other in white letters in a serif font. A Maple leaf illustration is displayed at the end of the word Mail. The logo is contained in a red square.
Corporate Supporters

Boston Consulting Group

Bokeh Collective

Bullfrog Power

Cadillac Fairview



Shoppers Drug Mart

Stikeman Elliott

Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service

Yonge-Dundas Square