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See you at Luminato!

Luminato 2021 is our love letter to Toronto – a celebration of the incredible artists, spaces, and places of this city.  

We’ve created special moments for our supporters and friends to take you behind the scenes of this year’s festival program.  

Join us online or in-person from October 13 – 17. Please register to secure your spot! 

Festival Eve Party  

Tuesday, October 12
8pm-9pm EST


On the eve of Luminato 2021, we invite you to celebrate the festival we’ve created together with your generous support and collaboration. Socialize in our virtual lounge, get an sneak peek of our festival programming, an exclusive preview of Guided by Starlight, and dance the night away to the sounds of DJ Fly Lady Di. 

Built on Genocide 

Thursday, October 14
Drop-in hours between 2pm-5pm EST

Ontario Square, Harbourfront Centre

Experience Built on Genocide – Indigenous artist Jay Soule | CHIPPEWAR’s powerful large-scale installation in person with curatorial context.   

New Monuments

Friday, October 15
7:40pm-8pm EST


Discover the urgent impetus behind New Monuments, from the collaborative choreographic process through to its creative expression on the shores of Lake Ontario. 

Join us for a special introduction before its premiere on CBC Gem.  

Luminato Love-In  

Sunday, October 17 
3pm-10pm EST

stackt market, 28 Bathurst St.

Spend the day at stackt market for a celebration of Luminato festival programming live on the big screen.

Join us from 3pm onwards for a watch party marathon of Guided by Starlight at Belgian Moon Brewery in stackt market. Don’t miss this incredible 5-part docu-music series celebrating local musicians and the communities at the heart of Toronto’s vibrant musical cosmos.

Stay for our closing night celebration, from 7pm – 10pm, featuring live performances by Luminato Festival Toronto artists – Bruno Capinan, Aysanabee, Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance, Maracatu Mar Aberto and DJs from ISO Radio.