Meet Our Members

It takes every single one of our members to make Luminato’s new Membership program special and rewarding. Meet some of our active members to learn about why they joined, their experiences, and what they’re looking forward to.

Alain Bartleman

Alain is a lawyer at Nahwegahbow Corbiere, an Ontario-based First Nation firm, specializing in criminal and regulatory litigation. Alain is a board member and volunteer in several charitable organizations, including Tafelmusik and Native Child.

“I’m delighted to be a Luminato Member. The programming is excellent and I’m thrilled to be a part of one of the most vibrant and emerging arts scenes in Toronto.” 

Madison Epsie

Madison is a fundraiser, arts advocate, and world traveler. Likes sun rises, dogs, hot coffee, arts and culture. Dislikes laundry.

“I love being a member of Luminato! It’s like a social club with performing arts, the membership fee is accessible that friends have joined as well, so now we all go together. The performances are thoughtful while still being out of my usual go to shows.” 

Blair Bigham

Blair is an emergency ICU physician who trained at McMaster and Stanford, as well as a journalist and author.

“I joined because of my partner. He is a fan of Luminato and loves the variety of performances put on. We had a blast at the membership parties this year and we can’t wait for more upcoming date nights with Luminato.” 

Photos by @YYZEvents

Kulin Matchhar

Kulin is a community builder with Sick Kids Foundation. He is a board member and volunteers at the Gardiner Museum and Canada National Ballet School.

“My experience being an Luminato Member has been wonderful – it is a great way to get acquainted with Luminato.”

Alison Solis

Alison works as a corporate Project Manager and holds a PMP.

“Absolutely loving the Luminato membership program, being a part of a community that celebrates the arts has been so heartwarming. The 2022 Luminato festival was filled with so many wonderful performances, I especially loved the Late Night Cabaret …I can’t wait to see what’s planned next!”

Provvidenza Dearcangelis

Provvidenza Dearcangelis is an Occupational Therapist.

“By bringing the work of Canadian artists to our communities, Luminato is a facilitator of connection – I believe art can be a powerful tool for finding meaning through reflection and relating to the common human experience, and that’s something the membership program allowed me to have.”

Fernando Valencia

Fernando is a PhD candidate in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology at UofT.

“I am really bad at quotes but I love the Luminato Festival.”

Brandon Moe

Brandon is an active arts member and production manager.

“After years of lockdown, Luminato’s membership program is a refreshing and fun return to live theatre and socializing with new people. Had such a good time at the 2022 festival, and looking forward to what’s in store ahead.”

Daniel Gatto

Daniel is a lawyer working in capital markets.

“Luminato allows me to engage with innovative art in the city in new and exciting way”

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