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White Paper

“In spite of all government attempts to convince Indians to accept the White Paper, their efforts will fail, because Indians understand that the path outlined by the Department of Indian Affairs through its mouthpiece, the Honourable Mr. Chrétien, leads directly to cultural genocide. We will not walk this path.” — Harold Cardinal, The Unjust Society

In 1969 the Prime Minister of Canada was P.E.T, the current Prime Minister J.T.’s father.

CHIPPEWAR illustrates how P.E.T. instilled racist, colonial tactics, systemic discriminatory behaviours and views onto his son, which inherently influences the way that Little Justin currently governs this country, through broken promises and lies.

CHIPPEWAR quotes P.E.T directly in this piece.

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Luminato Festival Toronto · 9. White Paper
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Luminato Festival Toronto · 9D. White Paper