Image #16: Half Clean Half Dirty

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Half Clean Half Dirty

Is the glass half full or half empty? Either way there is no escaping the fact that it remains a glass of DIRTY water. The Canadian Government broke yet another promise to Indigenous peoples, stating that all Indigenous communities would have clean water by International Water Day in March 2021. That day has come and gone and even the Canadian Government admits that there are still at least 51 Indigenous communities without clean drinking water.

CHIPPEWAR shares, “Indigenous communities never lived without clean water. Our people knew we needed to gather near fresh water sources. Our lands near fresh water were taken by non-Indigenous people, and our communities were relocated to places where there wasn’t, and in many cases still isn’t, access to clean water”.

The United Nations defines this as GENOCIDE.

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Luminato Festival Toronto · 16. Half Clean Half Dirty
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Luminato Festival Toronto · 16D. Half Clean Half Dirty