Artist Support April 19, 2021

How to Support Artists & Arts Workers

To say this year has been tough for artists is an understatement. But what are the steps we can take, as supporters, patrons, and lovers of the arts, to ensure we take care of our community? We’ve put together a list of ways you can do your part to support the arts. Read on to learn how you can make a difference! 

  1. Purchase something from a local artist. Find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else while supporting local. 
  2. Plan a virtual community event. Host an interactive event for artists to meet supporters, collaborators, and patrons.
  3. Engage with artists’ socials. Follow, comment, or share. Your support on social media helps artists raise their profile and grow their audience.
  4. Encourage artists and arts workers. Provide positive feedback, lend them gear, or offer a space to create art. 
  5. Help inspire artists and arts workers. Make plans for post-pandemic projects.
  6. Donate, if you can. Donate to your favourite arts organizations and artists.
  7. Listen without judgement. Allow space for the artists in your life to open up about their challenges.
  8. Follow public health advice. The faster we get ahead of COVID, the sooner we make space for live art.

Want to learn about more ways to help artists and arts workers? Do your part in maintaining a thriving arts community. We’ve put together a package of tips for supporting the arts, including a free poster, screensaver, and a monthly checklist to track your progress.

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