Kill Like a Scandinavian

Hosted by Luminato’s Literary & Ideas Curator, Noah Richler

Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo are just a few of the Scandinavian crime writers that have transformed the genre and brought it global recognition. Three regional masters of the form—Denmark’s Jakob Melander, Sweden’s Dan T. Sehlberg and Norway’s Thomas Enger—and, from just outside of it, the Netherlands’ Herman Koch, make a unique and exciting visit to Luminato to consider their penchant for a good murder, and the craft behind it.

Thomas Enger

Norway’s Thomas Enger is the creator of the Henning Juul series comprised, so far, of the novels BurnedPierced and Scarred. He is regarded as “one of the most unusual and intense talents of the field” (The Independent). As if writing was not enough, Thomas Enger also composes music.

Herman Koch

The Dutch novelist (and actor) Herman Koch’s grim novel of children’s nastiness and bourgeois civility undone, The Dinner, was an international literary sensation even before it was published in English in 2012. His new novel, Summer House With Swimming Pool, has been described as a “sly psychological thriller” (Kirkus) in which “civilization is again only a thin cover-up for man’s baser instincts” (Publishers Weekly).

Jakob Melander

Denmark’s Jakob Melander, who lives in Copenhagen, was previously the member of an eighties punk band. He is the author of The House That Jack Built, the debut volume of the crime series featuring loner and former drug addict Lars Winkler, “the most dedicated detective in Copenhagen.” This is the first of Jakob Melander’s novels to be translated into English.

Dan T. Sehlberg

Mona, Swedish business entrepreneur Daniel T. Sehlberg’s first novel, features “advanced computer technology, terrorism, politics, love and straightforward suspense” (Litteratursiden). Sehlberg, who started to write at the tender age of fourteen, is the son of a pilot and the creator of the Eric Soderqvist series.