A Literary Picnic 2013

A summer's afternoon, a picnic lunch, an inviting park. Add an incredible group of writers and  you have A Literary Picnic, a celebration of storytelling that draws on the creativity and diversity of Toronto's writing community. 

On the theme of “Beginnings” over 60 authors will take to three stages to share selections from their work and offer insight into where a story begins, and how writers confront the blank page. Many of the participating authors will also be setting up their own picnic blankets backstage for one-on-one exchanges with the public throughout the day. 

In the spirit of literary exchange, the Luminato Festival also invites the public to bring in their pre-loved books to be offered in trade to other book lovers at a special table.

Also at the picnic will be the Toronto Public Library bookmobile. Librarians will be compiling a list of 60 books with “great beginnings” and the books will be available for borrowing on site, along with regular offerings from the bookmobile.

Also on site for the day: Type Books; First Book Canada; an author signing area; the Toronto Public Library Book Mobile; and food trucks offering many different tastes of the city. 

Bring your picnic basket, your favourite used books and your own beginnings to A Literary Picnic

Participating Authors:

  • Helen Argiro, Sex & Suburban Lunacy
  • Luminato 2013. Tamara Faith Berger.Tamara Faith Berger, Lie With Me
  • Luminato 2013. Heather Birrell.Heather Birrell, Mad Hope
  • Jared Bland, Editor, Books, Globe & Mail
  • Lumianto 2013.  Andrew J. Borkowski Andrew J. Borkowski
  • Luminato 2013. Jowita Bydlowska Jowita Bydlowska, Drunk Mom
  • Luminato 2013. Sally Cooper. Sally Cooper, Tell Everything
  • Luminato 2013. Mark Dillon.Mark Dillon, Fifty Sides of the Beach Boys
  • Luminato 2013. Fazana Doctor.Farzana Doctor, Six Meters of Pavement
  • Luminato 2013. Mary Rose Donnelly.Mary Rose Donnelly, Great Village
  • Luminato 2013. Andrew Faulkner Andrew Faulkner, Need Machine
  • Luminato 2013. Charles Foran.Charles Foran, Mordecai: The Life and Times
  • Stacey May Fowles, Infidelity
  • Luminato 2013. Don Gillmor. Don Gillmor, Mount Pleasant
  • Luminato 2013. Wayne Grady.Wayne Grady, The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region

  • Luminato 2013. Spencer Gordon.Spencer Gordon, Cosmo
  • Luminato 2013. Amy Lavender Harris. Amy Lavender Harris,
    Imagining Toronto

  • Mathew Henderson, The Lease 
  • Author Michael HelmMichael Helm, Cities of Refuge
  • Linda Holeman, The Lost Souls of Angelkov
  • Daniel Karasik, The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee
  • Andrew Kaufman, All My Friends Are Superheroes
  • Edward Keenan, Some Great Idea: Good Neighbourhoods, Crazy Politics, and the Invention of Toronto
  • Deborah Kerbel, Under the Moon
  • Liisa Ladouceur, Encyclopedia Gothica

  • Pasha Malla, The Withdrawal Method
  • John McFetridge, Tumblin' Dice: A Mystery
  • John Miller, A Sharp Intake of Breath
  • Evan Munday, Dial "M" For Morna (The Dead Kid Detective Agency #2)
  • Eric Murphy, The Phantom's Gold
  • Grace O'Connell , Magnified World
  • Katrina Onstad, Everybody Has Everything
  • Richard Poplak, Kenk: A Graphic Portrait
  • Tanis Rideout, Above All Things
  • Alexandra RockinghamAlexandra Rockingham  
  • Damian Rogers, Paper Radio
  • Elizabeth Ruth, Matadora, Ten Good Seconds of Silence
  • Robert Rotenberg, Stranglehold
  • Gillian Savigny, Notebook M
  • Martha Schabas, Various Positions
  • Richard Scrimger, Ink Me
  • Shyam Selvadurai, The Hungry Ghosts
  • Merilyn Simonds, The Paradise Project
  • Shaughnessy Bishop Stall, Ghosted
  • Samuel Sutherland, Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk
  • Susan Swan, The Western Light
  • Ania Szado, Studio Saint-Ex
  • Matthew Tierney, Probably Inevitable
  • Ayelet Tsabari, The Best Place on Earth
  • Peter Unwin, The Rock Farmers
  • Priscila Uppal, Summer Sport: Poems
  • Jessica Westhead, And Also Sharks
  • Michael Winter, The Death of Donna Whalen