Future Tastes of Toronto: At the Kids' Table

Throughout the Luminato Festival’s opening weekend, the city’s best chefs will be showcasing the diversity of Toronto through culinary and other collaborations with kids.

What’s happening to the city’s culinary talent? They’re turning the art of cooking on its generational head. For several weeks leading up to the Festival, local Toronto chefs will be working with six classes of grades 4-6 students, sharing details about their gastronomic adventures and the culinary delights they will be showcasing. But the chefs and their young apprentices will be sharing more than just great food. Central to the experience will be the Kids’ Table, a communal eating space where the kids will divulge their behind-the-scenes knowledge about the chefs and the food being presented.

Under the creative direction of the celebrated performance company Mammalian Diving Reflex, in collaboration with Madeleine Collective and noted foodie Joshna Maharaj, the youngsters will be supporting (and extolling) some 20 chefs. Count on a cacophonous cornucopia of fun and flavours in which the entire family can indulge.

A project of the Luminato Festival's Education and Outreach program.