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Banner image for Zaagidiwin. Black background with graffiti-style text that says Zaagidiwin. The text is surrounded by indigenous symbols.
Image created by artist Nyle Miigizi Johnston


Date & Time

October 13, 2021 November 9, 2021 Toronto

Available to stream on demand until Nov. 9th.


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Event Supporters

Generously Supported by:Larry and Judy Tanenbaum and Family

A global pandemic. Climate change. Racial injustice.

Zaagidiwin is a multi-disciplinary film that reflects on our social responsibilities and our relationship with nature. Nanabozo takes us on an adventure (or misadventure) from the land into the city core, revealing its beauty as well as its darkness. Through spoken word, music and song, healing is found as Nanabozo returns to the land, discovering its precious gifts and healing through dance.

Zaagidiwin asks us to consider the way in which we love one another and the land that we share.

FAQ – How to Watch

  1. Can I watch Zaagidiwin without tickets? 

    Yes, you can! We love Zaagidiwin too much to keep it hidden. You can watch the Festival at luminatofestival.neme.tv. We recommend registering for free tickets because you’ll get show reminders and bonus content.
  2. How do I watch  Zaagidiwin

    Visit luminatofestival.neme.tv to see all of the streams from October 13–17, 2021. You can also click the WATCH button at the top of luminatofestival.com.
  3. What if I miss Zaagidiwin? Is available after October 13th

    Not a problem. Zaagidiwin will be on-demand until October 26th at luminatofestival.neme.tv. 
  4. When are shows available on-demand? 

    Each show will be available on-demand the day after it premieres. For example, everything from October 13th, Day 1 of Luminato, will be available on-demand on October 14th.
  5. Where can I find the calendar of events for Luminato 2021? 

    Luminato’s calendar is available on the Festival Schedule page: https://luminatofestival.com/upcoming-arts-events/ and on the Festival 2021 page: https://luminatofestival.com/event_series/love-letters-to-toronto/   

About Tickets and Using Dice.fm

  1. I signed up for tickets and it said I have to download an app. Is that true? 

    No, you don’t have to use the app. But we do recommend it. We’re using DICE to coordinate your tickets to Luminato 2021. DICE keeps your tickets in a secure app that makes it easy to click and watch the stream. Should you decide not to use the app, you will receive a link to watch the stream 1 hour before the show via your email. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv.
  2. The ticket page asked for my phone number. Do I have to provide It? Is it secure? 

    No, you don’t and yes it is. You only have to provide your phone number if you’re using the Dice app. Dice uses your phone number to make the registration process simple and to keep your tickets safe and secure. Dice follows all GDPR rules. Your number will not be shared or sold. 
  3. I’ve booked tickets for all of Luminato 2021. What does “Line up Luminato Festival Toronto 7PM” mean?

    This refers to the line up of shows for the evening (which is Luminato Festival Toronto), that starts at 7PM. 
  4. Do I have to register for each show or can I register for the full Festival? 

    Yes and yes. You are welcome to register for the shows that interest you. Alternatively, you can register for the full Festival and get a reminder on October 13th. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv. 
  5. Why does the registration page ask if I have a code? 

    If you had a promo code, you could click on “Got a code?” and enter it for a discount. But you don’t need a code because Luminato 2021 online programming is FREE
  6. The ticket page said “Buy Now”. Isn’t Luminato free? 

    Yes, with one exception. All online shows at Luminato are free. The Ruins of Zindor, the live, immersive theatre show is paid. You can book your tickets to The Ruins of Zindor here: https://luminatofestival.com/event/ruinsofzindor/  
  7. Does “Join the Stream” mean watch?

    Yes, Join the Stream means Watch. Just click and you’ll be taken to the show.  
  8. Can I watch the show on my laptop, smart TV or games console?  

    You will be able to find your 5-character streaming code on your ticket in the app just before the  stream begins. We’ll also email the code to you. Once you have the code: 

    Visit www.dice.fm/stream on the device you’d like to use 

    Enter your phone number that’s associated with your DICE account and your unique five character  stream access code to access the stream 

    Hit play and you’re good to go. 

    Please note: We’d recommend checking that the device you want to watch on has a browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and has the ability for you to enter a URL and interact with the page, so you can enter your phone number and stream access code. 



image of b.solomon
b. solomon
Nanabozho (Trickster), Human-Crow,
Choreographic storyteller

Image of Eagleheart Drummers & Singers playing the drum
Eagleheart Drummers & Singers
Jimmy Dick (Lead), Josh Dick, James Dick and Isaiah Cada.   

Photo of Zaagidiwin Jingle Dress Dancers at the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto
Jingle Dress Dancers
Robin Rice, Emily Gaudet, Cheryl Trudeau, Sagatay Kwandibens, Amy Myran, Nichole Leveck, Nazarene Pope, Lisa Odjig, Jenny Blackbird.
Front Row (children): Ava Lynn Fox, Indiana Cada, Aiyana Myran.

The jingle dress and dance is an Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) healing dance that originates with the Naotkamegwanning (Whitefish Bay) First Nation in Northern Ontario. Learn more…


Marie Gaudet
  • Opening Prayer (Anishinaabemowin), Singer & Drummer
  • Singer & Spoken Word, (O Canada by Willie Dunn)
Kairo McLean
  • Singer
Isaiah Cada
  • Singer & Drummer Final Drum & Vocals (Solo), Eagleheart Drummers & Singers


Anthony Pierre
  • Percussion & Band Leader
Marcus Ali
  • Alto Saxophone & Alto Flute

Creative Team


b. solomon, Nanabozho (Trickster), Human-Crow, Choreographic storyteller

Marie Gaudet, Opening Prayer (Anishinaabemowin) Singer & Drummer

Jimmy Dick, Opening & Closing Big Drum Songs, Eagleheart Drummers & Singers
James Dick, Opening & Closing Big Drum Songs, Eagleheart Drummers & Singers
Josh Dick, Opening & Closing Big Drum Songs, Eagleheart Drummers & Singers
Isaiah Cada, Singer & Drummer, Final Drum & Vocals (Solo) Eagleheart Drummers & Singers

Aysanabee, Singer & Spoken Word (O Canada by Willie Dunn)
Patricia Cano, Singer
Quique Escamilla, Singer
Kairo McLean, Singer
Jackie Richardson, Singer

Anthony Pierre, Percussion & Band Leader
Marcus Ali, Alto Saxophone & Alto Flute
Brooke Blackburn, Guitar
Joaquin Nuñez Hidalgo, Drums
Sandor Schwisberg, Keyboard
Andrew Stewart, Bass

Jingle Dress Dancers

Jenny Blackbird
Indiana Cada
Lisa Fisher Odjig
Ava Lynn Fox
Emily Gaudet
Sagatay Kwandibens
Nazarene Leveck
Nichole Leveck
Aiyana Myran
Amy Myran
Robin Rice
Cheryl Trudeau

Cultural Support & Consultation

Marie Gaudet, Cultural Consultation
Doug Geogre, Language Guidance
Sarah Rose Manidokaa, Language Guidance
Waasekom Niin, Language Guidance
Bruce George, Medicine Gifts
Helen Wilde, Medicine Gifts
Miigis Wilde, Medicine Gifts
Richard Scott-Moore, Medicine Gifts
Dorothy Peters, Elder/Cultural Consultant, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts

Creative Team

Denise Bolduc, Director, Writer and Programming
Jonathan Elliot, Director of Photography & Film Consultant
John Alcorn, Arrangement & Musical Director (Centrepiece Song) 
Guillermo Subauste, Live Music Sound & Mix
Nyle Miigizi Johnston, Artist (Digital Design)
Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, Costume & Set Design
Gabriella Caruso, Head Costume and Set Design, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
Camilo Giraldo, Associate Costume and Set Design
Memo Lopez, Associate Set Design


Denise Bolduc, Creative Producer, Director, Curator
Candace Scott-Moore, Producer
Kimberly Purtell, Producer
Meg MacKay, Associate Producer
Anthony Crea, Production Manager
Elijah Walsh, Production Manager
Duncan MacMillan, Production Consultant
Adrian Sterling, Live Solotech Audio Support
Megan Burns, Production Assistant
Logan Cracknell, Production Assistant
Tyler Kruspe, Production Assistant
Richard Scott-Moore, Production Assistant (volunteer)
Alia Stephen, Production Assistant
Wayne Booker, Driver
Richard Scoot-Moore, Driver
David Rowan, Health & Safety, COVID Compliance
Caroline Hollway, Health & Safety, COVID Compliance
Daniel Oulton, COVID Compliance Officer
Jack Comerford, COVID Compliance Officer
B’atz’ Recinos, Cultural Cultivator, Children’s Peace Theatre (Venue Support)

Denise Bolduc, Location Scout
Wayne Booker, Location Scout
Gabriella Caruso, Location Scout (Kensington Market)
Marian de Vries, Location Consultant (venues)
Marta Orellana, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
Sonja Clarke, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
Shawn Grey, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
John Moore, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
Ben Viapiani, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts
Will Vainio, Associate Artist, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts

Film Crew

Jonah Allingham, 1st Assistant Director
Daniel Youssefi, 3rd Assistant Director
Kim Timbol, Key Make-up/Hair
Celeste Morton, Make-up Assist
Adrian Dennis-Orofino, Locations/PA/Driver
Bobby Markov, PA/Driver
Janagan Thanabalasingham, BTS Photographer
Jacob Rogers, Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Gianfranc Pipitone, 1st Assistant Camera
Victor On, 2nd Assistant Camera

Michael Makrimichalos, DMT
Michael Cao, Gaffer
Wes Nyun, Key Grip
Harvey Kinglsey Elton, Grip
Vinny Buggea, Grip
Zefred Ansaldo, Drone Pilot
Emily DeBackere, B-Camera Operator

Post Production

Colour: Alter Ego Post
Colourist: James Graham
Colour Producer: Jane Garrah
Post Sound Design & Mix: Drew Snyder

Songs & Lyrics

O Canada!
Composition & Writer: Willie Dunn, Spoken by Evan Aysanabe
Permission: Liz Moore & Lawrence Dunn, Willie Dunn Estate

Rise Again
Composition & Writer: Kairo McLean
Ownership: Kairo McLean & Garvin McLean


Scarborough Bluffs
Toronto Harbour
Children’s Peace Theatre
Kensington Market
Wards Island

Chi miigwech to all who generously supported Zaagidiwin!

Karen Rose Emerson & Bat’z Recinos, Children’s Peace Theatre
Sue-Lynn Manone & the Wiigwaasikaa Community
Jenny So, CAAM United Hardware, Kensington Market
Liz Moore
Lawrence Dunn
Gisele Gordon
Rosina Kazi
Jamaias Dacosta
Cathy Gordon
Ashley Thomas
Courage – Natasha Bacchus
Hope Adler
Pree Rehal

Teneshia Samuel
Wayne Booker
Gabriella Caruso
David Rowan
Candace Wilde, Richard Scott Moore, and the Wilde family, friends and community
Wards Island Community
Kensington Market BIA & Neighbourhood/Community
Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation – City of Toronto
Bluff Park & Chine Drive Community
Toronto Harbour Community
Centre for Indigenous Theatre
Canadian Stage Company
Crow’s Theatre

R. Flex

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