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Banner image for Zaagidiwin. Black background with graffiti-style text that says Zaagidiwin. The text is surrounded by indigenous symbols.


Date & Time

October 13, 2021



Audio Description
Radio LUMI
Open Captions
Visual Story

Event Supporters

Generously Supported by:Larry and Judy Tanenbaum and Family

A global pandemic. Climate change. Racial injustice.

Zaagidiwin is a moment to reflect on our social responsibilities and our relationship with nature. Nanabozo takes us on an adventure (or misadventure) from the land into the city core, revealing its beauty as well as its darkness. Through spoken word, music and song, healing is found as Nanabozo returns to the land, discovering its precious gifts and healing through dance.

Zaagidiwin asks us to consider the way in which we love one another and the land that we share.

Creative Team

Denise Bolduc, Creative Director/Producer
Candace Wilde, Producer
Kim Purtell, Producer
Meg MacKay, Associate Producer
Elijah Walsh, Production Manager
Jonathan Elliott, Film Consultant and Film Production


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