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Luminato’s Creative Current presents Planet Fabulon’s Splinter-Dimensional. Created in collaboration with Astound Digital.


Date & Time

July 14-16, 2021 12pm – 8pm & July 17-18, 2021 10am – 8pm


Downtown Toronto

Toronto, + Google Map


In this era of lockdowns and virtual events, the creative creatures of Planet Fabulon want nothing more than for their friendly neighbours on Earth to engage with real-world experiences again in a way that is both COVID-safe and genuinely enjoyable.  

That’s why they’ve dispatched their spokesperson, The Captain, to your planet to throw a physically-distanced Summertime party. But there’s a problem: she fired up the Fabulon Interdimensional Teleporter (patent pending) to pop over to Earth… and something went horribly awry! The teleporter misfired, she disappeared into the dimensional ether, and now the stability of the entire galaxy is at stake!  

Earthlings! We need your help to find her before it’s too late! 

Splinter-Dimensional is a brand new augmented reality narrative experience created by Planet Fabulon in partnership with the AR wizards at Astound Digital. Armed with your smartphone and headphones, you’ll be sent on a quest through a downtown Toronto park to encounter and interact with a collection of animated AR objects and characters. Complete the quest by saving the Captain and you’ll be rewarded with an invitation to a fun and funky augmented reality dance party that can be enjoyed wherever you like! 

To provide greater COVID-safety, this event has been designed as an individual, outdoor experience. This event is step-free and fully subtitled. This event is free to attend. 

With The Captain missing, we are doing our best to triangulate her position! But since our planet is so far from yours, our supercomputers need time to do their thing. Our calculations indicate we will have an approximate lock on her position by July 14th. Sign up for your free ticket to be sent our top secret July 14th report on The Captain’s location! Then join the search IRL at any point during our operating hours:

JUL 14-16  |  12:00PM-8:00PM

JUL 17-18  |  10:00AM-8:00PM

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Splinter-Dimensional Creative Team

Alex Rand, Creative Producer
Pip Bradford, Production Manager