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Protest Radio

Image of Allie Rougeot.

Protest Radio

Date & Time

October 14, 2021 October 17, 2021 EDT

Podcast available throughout Luminato Festival Toronto.


Audio Description
Radio LUMI
Open Captions and/or Live Captions

Event Supporters

Illuminating Ideas is presented by

Tune in to Protest Radio, a combination of music and memory presented interstitially with the Henry G20 pod plays.

Featuring curated music and audio memories of the G20 protests in Toronto, Protest Radio can be played in between the theatrical chapters of Henry G20, as you travel between the locations in the city where the drama actually unfolded, or as stand-alone audio pieces to listen to wherever and whenever you like.

Alex Rand, Curator
Kimberly Purtell, Producer
Pip Bradford, Production Manager
Wilson Lin, Production Manager

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