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Henry G20

Produced by Henry G20 Group. Co-commissioned and produced in association with Luminato Festival Toronto and The Bentway Conservancy.
Image of Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah as Henry by Debbie Deer.

Henry G20

Date & Time

PodPlay & App available from

October 17, 2021 @ 8:00 am 6:00 pm EDT


On your mobile app, across Toronto


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Venue Guide
Visual Story

To learn more about the Accessibility features of this project click on the Visual Story link above

Download the Henry G20 App

Henry G20 is a theatre play delivered via PodPlay and Augmented Reality.

Device Requirements:

  • 1GB Storage Available
  • Android 4.4 or later, Android 9 or 10 or later recommended
  • Recommended 75% battery

Device Requirements:

  • 1GB Storage Available
  • iOS 11.0 and Mac 11.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air or later, iPod Touch, and Mac
  • Recommended 75% battery

A Shakespearean Play in the Streets of Toronto

Conceived and directed by Christine Brubaker and co-written by Brubaker and Constantine X. Anastasakis, Henry G20 freely adapts Shakespeare’s Henry V in a contemporary retelling of the conflict between police and protestors during the G20 Summit protests in Toronto in June 2010.

Melding new text with verse and form from Henry V, this podplay addresses unanswered questions from that fateful weekend where hundreds of people, protesters, and innocent bystanders were kettled, arrested, and detained.  

Follow Henry, played by Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, the headstrong leader of a grassroots activist organization as she leads her community in peaceful protest through downtown Toronto. Experience the unanticipated chaos of the Black Bloc, burning police cars, and a stand-off with the newly militarized police force. Bear witness to the events surrounding the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Investigate the meaning of leadership as ideas and ideologies clash in the streets.

Henry G20 is a tour of Toronto set during the G20 protests and brought to life through PodPlays (podcast play) and a personalized multimedia experience accessed through a mobile app at the original sites or anywhere you choose. 

Henry G20 is a theatre play delivered via podcast and augmented reality app.

Three Ways to Experience HenryG20

  1. Download the App and experience at Home
    1. Download the App on your mobile device (phone or tablet)
    2. Display the Augmented Reality Posters on your computer, or print them off at home
    3. Use the App on your mobile device while displaying the images on a second screen to active Augmented Reality
  2. Download the App and experience in Downtown Toronto
    1. Download the App on your mobile device (phone or tablet)
    2. Visit one of our Augmented Reality Sites
    3. Explore all Augmented Reality experiences at any single site, or walk between sites to experience the route of the G20 protests in 2010.
  3. Listen to the PodPlay Episodes Online

AR Sites in Toronto

  1. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
    12 Alexander Street
    October 13 – November 11
    Monday – Thursday 8am – 6pm
    Friday – Sunday 8am – 3pm
    Staffed October 13 12pm – 2pm and October 16 12pm – 2pm

    Closest TTC stop is College Station
  2. CSI Spadina
    192 Spadina Avenue
    October 13 – November 11
    Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm
    Staffed October 13 12pm – 2pm, October 15 4:30pm – 6:30pm, October 16 12pm – 2pm

    Closest TTC stop is Osgoode Station
  3. The Bentway (Skate Trail)
    250 Fort York Boulevard
    October 13 – 24
    Monday – Friday 12pm – 7:30pm
    Saturday – Sunday 10:30am – 7:30pm
    Staffed October 15 4:30pm – 6:30pm
    October 16 12pm – 2pm

    Closest TTC stop is Union Station

FAQ – Tickets, How to Experience

  1. What is Henry G20?

    Henry G20 is a series of podplays (podcasts) combined with augmented reality in a downloadable App. You can experience Henry G20 2 different ways:
    1. Download the App & Explore Toronto. Use the App to listen to the podplays and trigger AR experiences. Travel to one of 3 locations in Toronto – The Bentway, Centre for Social Innovation Alley, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre – to access the augmented reality triggers on posters.
    2. At home. All podplays and AR triggers will be available on this page on October 14th. No need to download the App.
  2. I booked a ticket for Henry G20. What am I watching?

    Thank you for booking a ticket! On October 14th, we’re streaming an introduction to Henry G20 from creator Christine Brubaker. You can watch at luminatofestival.neme.tv. But the best part of booking a ticket is the reminder you’ll receive letting you know that the app, and all the podplays, are available.
  3. Can I access Henry G20 without tickets? 

    Yes, you can! We love Henry G20 too much to keep it hidden. You can experience Henry G20 directly from this page. The app and all materials will be available November 14th. We recommend registering for free tickets because you’ll get show reminders and bonus content.
  4. Where do I find the Henry G20 app? 

    The Henry G20 app will be available at luminatofestival.com/events/henry-g20 on October 14th.
  5. How long is Henry G20 available?

    Henry G20 will be available until November 11.
  6. How do I watch Luminato 2021? 

    Visit luminatofestival.neme.tv to see all of the streams from October 13 –17, 2021. You can also click the WATCH button at the top of luminatofestival.com.
  7. What if I miss a show? Is Luminato available after October 17th

    Not a problem.  Luminato 2021 will be on-demand until November 30th at luminatofestival.neme.tv. New Monuments will be available on CBC GEM until spring 2022.
  8. When are shows available on-demand? 

    Each show will be available on-demand the day after it premieres. For example, everything from October 13th, Day 1 of Luminato, will be available on-demand on October 14th.
  9. Where can I find the calendar of events for Luminato 2021? 

    Luminato’s calendar is available on the Festival Schedule page: https://luminatofestival.com/upcoming-arts-events/ and on the Festival 2021 page: https://luminatofestival.com/event_series/love-letters-to-toronto/   

About Tickets and Using Dice.fm

  1. I signed up for tickets and it said I have to download an app. Is that true? 

    No, you don’t have to use the app. But we do recommend it. We’re using DICE to coordinate your tickets to Luminato 2021. DICE keeps your tickets in a secure app that makes it easy to click and watch the stream. Should you decide not to use the app, you will receive a link to watch the stream 1 hour before the show via your email. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv.
  2. The ticket page asked for my phone number. Do I have to provide It? Is it secure? 

    No, you don’t and yes it is. You only have to provide your phone number if you’re using the Dice app. Dice uses your phone number to make the registration process simple and to keep your tickets safe and secure. Dice follows all GDPR rules. Your number will not be shared or sold.
  3. I’ve booked tickets for all of Luminato 2021. What does “Line up Luminato Festival Toronto 7PM” mean?

    This refers to the line up of shows for the evening (which is Luminato Festival Toronto), that starts at 7PM. 
  4. Do I have to register for each show or can I register for the full Festival? 

    Yes and yes. You are welcome to register for the shows that interest you. Alternatively, you can register for the full Festival and get a reminder on October 13th. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv. 
  5. Why does the registration page ask if I have a code? 

    If you had a promo code, you could click on “Got a code?” and enter it for a discount. But you don’t need a code because Luminato 2021 online programming is FREE
  6. The ticket page said “Buy Now”. Isn’t Luminato free? 

    Yes, with one exception. All online shows at Luminato are free. The Ruins of Zindor, the live, immersive theatre show is paid. You can book your tickets to The Ruins of Zindor here: https://luminatofestival.com/event/ruinsofzindor/  
  7. Does “Join the Stream” mean watch?

    Yes, Join the Stream means Watch. Just click and you’ll be taken to the show.  
  8. Can I watch the show on my laptop, smart TV or games console?  

    You will be able to find your 5-character streaming code on your ticket in the app just before the  stream begins. We’ll also email the code to you. Once you have the code: 

    Visit www.dice.fm/stream on the device you’d like to use 

    Enter your phone number that’s associated with your DICE account and your unique five character  stream access code to access the stream 

    Hit play and you’re good to go. 

    Please note: We’d recommend checking that the device you want to watch on has a browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and has the ability for you to enter a URL and interact with the page, so you can enter your phone number and stream access code. 

Event Supporters

Produced by:Henry G20 Group
Co-commissioned and produced in association with
Project Supporters:The School of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Calgary
The Lawrence Family Foundation
Nathalie Des Rosiers
Naomi Campbell
Peter Biro
Pia Kleber
Liz Smyth

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Henry G20 Creative Team

Christine Brubaker, Creative Director, Writer/Director
Constantine X. Anastasakis, Co-Writer
Miquelon Rodriguez, Sound Designer and Mixer
Debbie Deer, Visual Lead
Jacob Niedzwiecki, App Developer
Luke Garwood, App Developer
Laura Philipps, Producer
Allie Fenwick, Production Associate
Neta Rose, Associate Artist
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Associate Artist
Ruslan Makarov, 3D Modeller
Raeburn Ferguson, Pre-Production Associate
Greg Sinclair, PodPlay Consultant

Caroline Hollway, Producer