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Encountering Edward Burtynsky’s In The Wake Of Progress

A film by Bokeh Collective. Photographs and video footage by Edward Burtynsky.

Encountering Edward Burtynsky’s In The Wake Of Progress

Date & Time

October 16, 2021 @ 8:00 pm 8:25 pm EDT

Film Premiering ONLINE October 16
Available on-demand until November 15

Only available for streaming in Canada.


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Event Supporters

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Sandra and Jim Pitblado, C.M.
Gretchen and Donald Ross, O.C.
The Michael Young Family Foundation
Lead Support byThe Hal Jackman Foundation
Louise MacCallum and Michael Barnstijn 
Supported byRichard W. and Donna Ivey
Joan and Jerry Lozinski
With generous assistance fromBullfrog Power
The S.M. Blair Family Foundation
The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation

A Film by The Bokeh Collective. Available to stream until November 15.

Filmed by The Bokeh Collective, Encountering Edward Burtynsky’s In the Wake of Progress imagines the experience of seeing the work of Edward Burtynsky on the screens surrounding Yonge-Dundas Square. Captured for Luminato for its 2021 Virtual Festival, Bokeh’s film provides a glimpse of Edward Burtynsky’s In the Wake of Progress as the public art piece it is intended to be.

The film is available online in Canada through the Festival’s digital platform until November 16.

Following the film, stay tuned to discover how In the Wake of Progress will be reimagined as an indoor immersive experience debuting in 2022, and returning to Yonge-Dundas Square as a powerful in-person reprise when we can gather in the thousands.

#InTheWakeOfProgress #BurtynskyXLuminato

Encountering Edward Burtynsky’s In the Wake of Progress is for personal viewing only. Public screenings, in a theatre, venue or public space, are strictly prohibited.

FAQ – Tickets, How to Watch

How to Watch Encountering In the Wake of Progress 

  1. Can I watch Encountering In the Wake of Progress without tickets? 

    Yes, you can! We love Encountering In the Wake of Progress too much to keep it hidden. You can watch at luminatofestival.neme.tv. We recommend registering for free tickets because you’ll get show reminders and bonus content.
  2. How do I watch Encountering In the Wake of Progress

    Visit luminatofestival.neme.tv to see all of the streams from October 13 –17, 2021. You can also click the WATCH button at the top of luminatofestival.com.
  3. I live outside of Canada. Can I watch Encountering In the Wake of Progress?

    Sadly, no. But join the Luminato mailing list to learn when Encountering In the Wake of Progress is coming to your region.
  4. What if I miss the show? Is Encountering In the Wake of Progress available after October 17th

    Not a problem.  Encountering In the Wake of Progress will be on-demand until November 15th at luminatofestival.neme.tv. 
  5. When are shows available on-demand? 

    Each show will be available on-demand the day after it premieres. For example, everything from October 13th, Day 1 of Luminato, will be available on-demand on October 14th.
  6. Where can I find the calendar of events for Luminato 2021? 

    Luminato’s calendar is available on the Festival Schedule page: https://luminatofestival.com/upcoming-arts-events/ and on the Festival 2021 page: https://luminatofestival.com/event_series/love-letters-to-toronto/   

About Tickets and Using Dice.fm

  1. I signed up for tickets and it said I have to download an app. Is that true? 

    No, you don’t have to use the app. But we do recommend it. We’re using DICE to coordinate your tickets to Luminato 2021. DICE keeps your tickets in a secure app that makes it easy to click and watch the stream. Should you decide not to use the app, you will receive a link to watch the stream 1 hour before the show via your email. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv.
  2. The ticket page asked for my phone number. Do I have to provide It? Is it secure? 

    No, you don’t and yes it is. You only have to provide your phone number if you’re using the Dice app. Dice uses your phone number to make the registration process simple and to keep your tickets safe and secure. Dice follows all GDPR rules. Your number will not be shared or sold.
  3. I’ve booked tickets for all of Luminato 2021. What does “Line up Luminato Festival Toronto 7PM” mean?

    This refers to the line up of shows for the evening (which is Luminato Festival Toronto), that starts at 7PM. 
  4. Do I have to register for each show or can I register for the full Festival? 

    Yes and yes. You are welcome to register for the shows that interest you. Alternatively, you can register for the full Festival and get a reminder on October 13th. All streams are available at luminatofestival.neme.tv.
  5. Why does the registration page ask if I have a code? 

    If you had a promo code, you could click on “Got a code?” and enter it for a discount. But you don’t need a code because Luminato 2021 online programming is FREE.
  6. The ticket page said “Buy Now”. Isn’t Luminato free? 

    Yes, with one exception. All online shows at Luminato are free. The Ruins of Zindor, the live, immersive theatre show is paid. You can book your tickets to The Ruins of Zindor here: https://luminatofestival.com/event/ruinsofzindor/  
  7. Does “Join the Stream” mean watch?

    Yes, Join the Stream means Watch. Just click and you’ll be taken to the show. 
  8. Can I watch the show on my laptop, smart TV or games console?  

    You will be able to find your 5-character streaming code on your ticket in the app just before the  stream begins. We’ll also email the code to you. Once you have the code: 

    Visit www.dice.fm/stream on the device you’d like to use 

    Enter your phone number that’s associated with your DICE account and your unique five character  stream access code to access the stream 

    Hit play and you’re good to go. 

    Please note: We’d recommend checking that the device you want to watch on has a browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and has the ability for you to enter a URL and interact with the page, so you can enter your phone number and stream access code. 
  1. What if I don’t have a smartphone, or am unable to access the DICE app? 

    We’ve got you covered! Your unique code to access the stream will also be emailed to you one hour before the event starts. Visit dice.fm/stream on the device you’d like to use, and then enter your phone number and the code to access the video. Hit play and you’re good to go.  Luminato’s online shows will stream and be available on-demand until November 30 at luminatofestival.neme.tv 
Produced in Association with

These images are meant as metaphors for the dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear. We are drawn by desire, a chance at good living, yet we are consciously or unconsciously aware that the world is suffering for our success. Our dependence on nature to provide the materials for our consumption, and our concern for the health of our planet, sets us into an uneasy contradiction. For me, these images function as reflecting pools of our times.”

Edward Burtynsky

Get an inside look at Encountering In the Wake of Progress

Creative Team

Produced by
Edward Burtynsky
Bob Ezrin
Julia Johnston

Immersive Experience Design and Direction
The Mustard Shop
Brian T. Moore
Alexandra Francis

Composer and Sound Design
Phil Strong

Musicians of the Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music
Byungchan Lee
Isabella Perron
Ji Soo Choi
Jessy Kim 
Katya Poplyansky  
Daniel Dastoor 
Hez Leung  
Ryan Davis  
Leslie Ashworth 
Ian Greenberg  
Matt Christakos 
Michael Cox


Co-orchestrated and Conducted by
Claudio Vena

Recording Engineers
Jill Zimmermann, Jukasa Studios
Julian Decorte, Canterbury Music

Mix Engineer
Jill Zimmermann, Jukasa Studios

Special Thanks To
Barry Shiffman,  Assoc. Dean & Dir. Chamber Music, Glenn Gould School 
Alan MacDonald, Manager, Special Projects, Royal Conservatory of Music
Studio Musicians
Sarah Shugarman 
Marie Berard 
Brenna Hardy-Kavanagh 
Luri Lee   
Winona Zelenka 
Jeffrey Beecher 
Phil Strong 

In the Wake of Progress in Yonge-Dundas Square: The Film Produced and Directed by
Bokeh Collective
Rob Brunner, Director
Justin Harding, Director and Editor
Kris Elsley, Producer
Dana Alexander, Post-Production Producer & Supervisor

Edward Burtynsky Photography
Connie Hitzeroth, Director of Finance
Julia Johnston, Head of Business Affairs
Karen Machtinger, Studio Manager & Arts Administrator
Jim Panou, Project Coordinator
Marcus Schubert, Director of Publications, Exhibitions & Special Projects
Paul Seargent, Archivist & Manager of Production
Alanna Smith, Media and Communications Manager/Production Coordinator, Special Projects
Shelby Wedgbury, Research Assistant 

Motion Camera

Edward Burtynsky 
Nicholas de Pencier 
Jim Panou 
Mike Reid (Motion Camera/UAV Operator) 
Kwamena Hazel (UAV Operator) 
Devin Card (UAV Operator) 
Chris Chanda (Cineflex Operator) 
Connor Illsley 
Jeff Powis 
Noah Weinzweig 

With some sequences taken from Watermark, and ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch, collaborations with Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier (Mercury Films Inc.) 

Images courtesy of Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto.

Navin Khanna, Chitiz Pathak LLP, Legal Counsel & Services

For The Bokeh Collective

Ryan Port, 1st AD
Sarah Kwaji, Production Coordinator
Antonia Sinn, Art Director
Jiro Pasqual, Key PA
Babatunde Agunloye, PA
Ezra Tennen, PA
Sahil Chawla, COVID-19 Medic/Nurse
Joe Queenan, DOP
Trieb Entertainment, Steadicam Operator Bryan Trieb, Steadicam Operator
Tom Mangin, 1st Assistant Camera
Patrick Queenan, Assistant Camera

DroneBoy, Drone Operator
Tom Comet, Drone Operator
Matt Joniec, Drone Operator Assistant
Jonesy Productions Inc., Jib Operator Andy Rosso, Jib Operator
Dana Alexander, DMT
Chris Miller, Sound Recordist
Manuel García Cantón, BTS Videographer/Photographer
Dana Alexander, Post Producer & Supervisor
Justin Harding, Editor & AE Animator

For Luminato
Duncan Macmillan, Production Manager
Level Productions Inc., Site & Production Manager
Pete Lawlor, Site & Production Manager 
Carbon Arc Projects, Technical Screen Producers
Sean Hooper, Technical Screen Producers
Aaron Campus, Technical Screen Producers
Jalen Innis, Associate Production Manager
Erica McCartney, Onsite Covid Manager
Daniel Oultan, Onsite Covid Manager
Blazing Kitchens, Catering

Special Thanks To
Veronica Barton
Denise Bolduc
Gregory Colbert
Denyse Karn
Keely Kemp – Culture Cap
Rob Kennedy
Carly-Marie LeDrew – Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency
Randy Lennox
Richard Mahoney
Julian Sleath
Anne-Marie Smith – Lonestar Music Services
Waterford Partners
Mat Wilcox

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Only available to stream until November 15.