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Echoes Calling Back

Echoes Calling Back, 2023
By Jordan Bennett

Commissioned by Luminato Festival Toronto
Curated and Produced by MASSIVart 

Echoes Calling Back

Public art has the power to transform communities, reflecting back to us the importance of place, history, and our shared values, but also to surprise and delight passers-by reminding us to pause, and (we hope) smile. 

At once buoyant and imposing, Echoes Calling Back by Jordan Bennett will transform pedestrians’ experience of a familiar and well-trodden urban site. The piece may serve as a meeting place, a shelter, a source of joy, or a symbol of our region’s living history.

Exploring the ancient relics of North American mega-fauna and using Bennett’s signature graphic style evocative of porcupine quill work found in Mi’kmaq visual culture, this whimsical antler imagines a playful remnant from a distant past, and will remind us that what we now call Toronto was uncolonized and teeming with life stewarded by Indigenous nations of the territory.

Date & Time

July 17-August 31 in the Arnell Plaza at Bay Adelaide Centre

June 8-18 in College Park as part of Luminato 2023


333 Bay St.
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R2
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Echoes Calling Back is located in Arnell Plaza at the Bay Adelaide Centre.


Service animals and support persons welcomed

Click on the audio player below for the Echoes Calling Back Audio Description

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