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CRIP COLLAB is a collaborative zine featuring artists who belong to all three of these fantastic communities: Disabled, Racialized and 2SLGBTQ+. This zine is curated by a multiply disabled, chronically ill, cancer survivor named Pree Rehal.  

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Curator Statement 2022

How do we imagine the futurities when our lived realities as Disabled/crip/mad/chronically ill folks are compounded with constant reminders of mortality? CRIP COLLAB Issue 4 is about CRIP FUTURES. This zine is an entry point to a portal where our stories are in conversation with one another to highlight how they can be ripe with messiness, simple joys, and crip time. 

This zine was curated by Pree Rehal.  

Pree is a multiply disabled, chronically ill, cancer survivor who belongs to the Panjabi diaspora. 

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Crip as a term is a reclaimed slur, that is used by disabled folks. Self-identifying as a crip comes from learning about disability justice, disability pride, and finding disabled community. Not all disabled folks identify as crips, but it’s a term that feels good to me.

– Pree, CRIP COLLAB Curator

Artists 2022

Ashley T. 

Namitha Rathinappillai 

Dolly Roul 


aron shaw 

Amelia Ruthven Nelson 

Aly McDonald – Ajly Artistry 

Destiny Pitters 

Kay Chan 

Sheri Osden Nault 

CRIP COLLAB is part of our Access Hub


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