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ASL Programs

This year we have been working with Deaf artists Natasha “Courage” Bacchus and Gaitrie Persaud to imagine a variety of programs that highlight Deaf artistry and ideas, such as Deaf Black Women: Artists from Across Canada, Deaf Bramble Gallery, CRIP COLLAB Issue 3 and Golden Hour Episode 2.

We are grateful for the support of TSLIS (Toronto Sign Languages Interpreter Services), and the several independent interpreters, Marcia Adolphe, Rogue Benjamin, Latasha Lennox, Amanda Hyde, Kimberley Johnson, who made this work possible as we hone our ASL skills. 

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Deaf Bramble

Join us on line: Sunday, October 17, anytime between 1pm and 3pm EST.

Deaf Bramble Gallery is a virtual world where you can see your friends on video, use text to chat, explore a virtual Rooftop Patio.

Featuring a range of Deaf artists from storytellers to visual artists, curated by Natasha “Courage” Bacchus and Gaitrie Persaud.

See what these artists have been creating during the pandemic: Jaideep Goray, Alesso Convito, Tamyka Bullen, Jo-Anne Anita Bryan.

Email [email protected] receive a link

Videos are in ASL with English captions.

In partnership with Artery

Deaf Bramble Artists

Jaideep Goray 

Jaideep was born in India. He fell in love with the theatre world when he was introduced to the stage by theatre teacher Mrs.Kanchan Sonatakke from Natyashala. Acting has been his passion since childhood.  He shifted to Toronto in 2002 and started acting in 2018 after a period of rest. He is committed to acting and is eager to become a Certified Deaf Interpreter in the future.

Jaideep will perform Indian Folk poetry from his hometown in India using the expression of his sign performance, drawing you into his childhood memories.

Alessio Convito 

Deaf, queer born, raised in Italy, and currently living in Canada. Passionate about art in all its forms, with a strong interest in fashion and visual design. Alessio discovered his passion for dance as a teenager and subsequently became a performer. Visual art is always his strongest interest and it is through this medium that Alessio conveys his messages. Alessio has been inspired by Mickey Mouse that led to his series Mess Mouse, which incorporates different art styles and colours as a tool for self-exploration.  

“Art is like a room where I release freely my own emotions and communicate silently with myself through the adrenaline of creativity. In each of my abstract artworks, I hide the dynamics of my identity or the experiences I lived. Behind the joyful face of my distorted Mickey Mouses, I want to share mysterious and dichotomous feelings of who I am.” 
– Alessio Convito 

Tamyka Bullen

Tamyka Bullen has been involved in social services for women, immigrants, youths, and the LGBTQA community for many years. In 2015 she became involved in the theatrical world as an ASL poetry performer. In 2018, she debuted as an actress for the Sound Off Festival production Deaf That! and Judith Thompson’s play After the Blackout. She teaches ASL lessons and if you are interested to learn another language, please contact her through Luminato. She loves to craft and mingle stories, arts, poems, acting, and dance on stage, and to voice her feelings and thoughts through her hands, body language, and facial expressions. Her motto: Embrace Yourself, Show Yourself!

Jo-Anne Anita Bryan

Jo-Anne Anita Bryan is an Ottawa-based artist experiencing life through the intersections of being Black, Deaf, Queer, and Woman. Her artistry includes  American Sign Language (ASL) storytelling and performance. Jo-Anne is currently one-quarter of the Speaking Vibrations group, they did their first performance at Uproar Arts Festival in Summer 2019. Jo-Anne did recitals of her ASL storytelling “Where  You Come From” at ​Phenomena Festival and “400 Years” at Sound Off Festival.

When she is not performing, she is consulting actors’ and interpreters’  interpretation to ensure that it is accurate information. She wants to ensure that theatre will be accessible to Deaf communities. She also does illustrations in her spare time.  

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