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Art in Transit: Luminato on the GO! 

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Was that a fish that just walked by? Bringing theatre to your morning commute.

Art in Transit: Luminato on the GO! 

A fish walks onto a GO Train…  

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO follows grumpy, urban Fish, suited and caffeinated, as he begins his morning commute yearning for the water and feeling the call of the lake. With assistance from a cheery Train Conductor and chance encounters with musicians and dancers, rituals and readings, Fish rides the train all the way home to Lake Ontario, while slowly transforming from a fish-in-a-suit into his true aquatic self.  

Waiting for Fish at Union Station is the musical Welcoming Committee, who joyfully joins him on his final quest to get to the water.  

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO brings the delight and whimsy of street theatre to everyday train commuters. Popping up on a different GO line and in different Union Station concourses, every weekday of the festival, this is a morning commute you won’t want to miss.  Make sure to catch the GO so you don’t miss the boat!  

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO! is grateful for the use of MuseUm of Water’s original recording of water as part of Aren Okemaysim’s sound design. See more information here.

Produced in partnership with GO Transit and Union Station.
Images of Susie Burpee, Roula Said, and Anand Rajaram. Art by Mike Ellis.

Daily Schedule

Thursday June 9.  RICHMOND HILL LINE  starts  8:20am  Richmond Hill

Friday June 10.  KITCHENER LINE  starts 7:46am Brampton

Monday June 13. BARRIE LINE  starts 8:14am Maple

Tuesday June 14.  STOUFFVILLE LINE  starts 7:47am  Unionville

Wednesday June 15 MILTON LINE  starts 8:17am Cooksville

Thursday June 16 LAKESHORE EAST LINE starts 8:04am Rouge Hill

Friday June 17 LAKESHORE WEST LINE  starts 8:03am Oakville

Schedule & Details June 9

Beginning at GO Train Station: Richmond Hill at 8:20 AM
Arriving at Union Station: York Lobby at 9:05 AM
Featured Community Group: BRUISED YEARS CHOIR + FRIENDS
Book of the Day: The Window Seatby Aminatta Forna 
All In Good Time Prompt of the day:  ENTERING

Fish character of Art in Transit waiting for the Go Train on the Richmond Hill line
Fish waiting for the Go Train on the Richmond Hill line. Photo by Cassandra Popescu.

Schedule & Details June 10

Beginning at GO Train Station: Brampton at 7:46 AM
Arriving at Union Station: Bay Street Lobby at 8:28 AM
Featured Community Group: BAQUE DE BAMBA – ALINE MORALES
Book of the Day: Stay tuned for the book of the day!
All In Good Time Prompt of the day:  SENSING

Photo of the musical welcoming committee at Union Station. The Bruised Years choir performed to greet Fish's arrival.
Photo of the Bruised Years Choir at Union Station. The Bruised Years choir performed to greet Fish’s arrival. Photo by Cassandra Popescu.

Schedule & Details June 13

Beginning at GO Train Station: Maple GO station AT 8:14 AM
Arriving at Union Station: Bay Street Lobby at 8:48AM
Book of the Day: Daughters of Silence by Rebecca Fisseha 
All In Good Time Prompt of the day:  ENTERING

Photo of the Fish in Art in Transit arriving at Union Station with dancers. Photo by Chelsea Brimstin

List of the Bands performing in Union Station

June 9  Bruised Years Choir and friends

June 10 Baque de Bamba – Aline Morales

June 13  Gareth Burgess Steelpan Combo

June 14  Canadian Children’s Opera Company

June 15  Hannaford Youth

June 16 Baque de Bamba – Aline Morales

June 17 Afiwi Groove School.

Date & Time

June 13, 2022 @ 7:30 am 9:30 am EDT

Running June 9-17. Scroll down to see daily schedule.

Theatre, Dance, Music


GO Train to Union Station

Scroll down to see daily schedule.


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With the health and safety of our audiences, artists, staff, and volunteers as our top priority, Luminato will continue to require proof of vaccination for all indoor performances in 2022. 

While the government of Ontario has lifted the mandatory check for vaccine passports as of March 1, we are choosing to keep our policy in place. We thank you for your patience and understanding as government policies are continually changing. 

Face masks are required for all indoor performances. Face masks are strongly encouraged for all outdoor performances. 

Luminato’s Vaccine Policy 

Audiences will be required to show proof of full vaccination and photo ID for all indoor performances. Proof of vaccination must include the attendee’s name, date of vaccination and product name (brand of vaccine). The receipt can be in paper or in an electronic format (shown on the patron’s phone).   

Remember, you are considered ‘fully vaccinated’ only 14 days after your second dose. 

Proof of ID must include the patron’s name and date of birth. 

For outdoor performances and events, proof of vaccination is not required. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]  

Creative Team

Creative Team

Anand Rajaram*, Fish
Courtenay Stevens*, Reflecting Pond
Alex Dallas, Union Station Conductor
Susie Burpee, Train Conductor
Roula Said, Lead Musician
Kevin Ormsby, Coreographer
Jillia Cato, Dancer
Benjamin Russel, Dancer
Cheryl Chan, Dancer
John Gzowski, Musician
Adjani Poirier, Reader
Kendelle Parks, Reader
Waleed Abdulhamid, Backup Musician

*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

Production Team

Aren Okemaysim, Composer
Anahita Dehbonehie, Train Costume Co-Designer
Niloufar Ziaee, Train Costume Co-Designer
Roxanne Ignatius, Procession Designer
Cathy Gordon, Creative Lead
Caroline Hollway, Creative Producer
Kali Newman, Production Manager
Radha Pithadia, on-Train Controller
Scotia Cox, Assistant on Train Controller
Ashley Perez & Esha Sarfraz, Production Assistant (Train)
Conner Bustamente, Union Station Controller
Olivia Zotti, Assistant Union Station Controller
Tina Snider, Richard Kunst, Sanjay Parker, Kevin Ernst, Sahara, Keira Forde & Jackson Nair – Production Assistants (Union Station)

Special Thank You to Teena, Sandra, Adam, and the team at Metrolinx, and Union Station

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