Creative Current: Junction Triangle

0:01:09 | Recorded on Sep. 26, 2020

Creative Current: Junction Triangle

COVID postponed our plans. We got creative.


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Creative Current: Junction Triangle premiered on Bramble.
Open Captioned | ASL Host
November 26, 2020

Originally planned to be an in-person, three-act bicycle experience on September 19, 2020, the rising numbers of COVID-19 meant Creative Current: Junction Triangle was postponed.

But as the world changes, we adapt. One week later, Creative Current: Junction Triangle was filmed without an audience. Spaces became stages as R. FlexSydanie, and Naishi Wang & Jane-Alison McKinney four of the city’s most talented rising artists, performed in the back alleys and hidden parking lots of the neighbourhood.

Each short film features open-captioning

ASL host available to answer questions

Party is on Bramble!

Artery’s new platform, Bramble is an immersive digi-party that invites you to watch three different performance cuts of the film while text- and video-chatting with the artists and others around you using a unique avatar. Think: the avatar chat rooms of Y2K meets Chat Roulette.

Upon entering the platform, you will be given instructions on how to navigate through each room and how to interact with others. You will walk the virtual red carpet with your unique avatar and then enter into a main space where you will be video greeted by two live Hosts. You can chat and ask them questions by speaking on video, using ASL, or text. You can then similarly chat with others in the space before entering one of three theatres to watch the films.