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From podcasts to film, AR and audio tours, Luminato’s digital content explores Toronto’s arts and culture scene through the multiplicity of local and international artists working from the most diverse city in the world.



Tea Base presents Chinatown with Hannia Cheng banner. Chinatown is written in a bubbly, handwritten font in a faded red colour. Around the letters, cartoon drawings of statues, food, and restaurants representing Chinatown appear.
Chinatown with Hannia Cheng
CRIP COLLAB Artist Spotlights
Anthropocene Immerssion, Unearthing Lost Taddle Creek in white letters over a green background with an asyemetrical shape to the right. Inside the shape is a street map showing the route of Taddle Creek.
Anthropocene Immersion, Unearthing Lost Taddle Creek
Illuminating Ideas Birdsong Mixtape
Illuminating Ideas Birdsong Mixtape

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