Viv Moore

Viv Moore

  • Dance

Born in England, Viv Moore has danced, choreographed and acted, both collaboratively and as a solo artist since 1979 (Australia, England, Sweden, Canada). She has studied Dance, Acting, Clown, Bouffon, Butoh and Stage Combat. Selected credits: Co-founded Remote Control with Dave Wilson (1979); Fujiwara Dance, Sashar Zarif, Allison Cummings (Dance); Theatre Rusticle (Actor); Damien (Actor, A&E TV); Theatre Direct (Choreography); outside eye/Movement Coach – dance and theatre productions; community dance – London, England and Canada (RNIB, CNIB, deaf & partial hearing, multi-abilities, psychiatric survivors); Past National Coordinator of Fight Directors, Canada; Dance/Movement Professor, Humber College; curator/festival presenter (60×60), Nuit Blanche (Dance Ontario, Distillery); Artistic Director Body Percussion Festival; Received: Harold (1998-99); Paula Citron 1999 fFIDA Award (Bogie Woman) and several Dora nominations. Solo performance Worcestershire Saucy inspired by eclectic mix of Theatre, Dance, Music Hall, English Clog and Step Dance, Stage Combat and Butoh; Chalmers Arts Fellowship research (2012) – English Step (Kent); Bullwhip, Knife, Tomahawk, Archery (L.A.); Butoh (Vienna) 

Artist Statement:

As a Movement centered artist, I prefer to use my body to relay stories. My response to the residency is fueled by my interest in the raw underbelly of Outsider Art; the character opportunities of Butoh and Bouffon; the innate history of Eccentric Dance; the strength and physical manifestation of fear and ferocity; and my passion for Body Sovereignty, Spirituality and Family Lines.

I am fascinated by how we tread on this planet and intrigued by communication and sharing, based in whichever reality we are in. Who is correct? Is there a ‘right?’ Who decides? Who Labels? Why do we follow or not follow? What is ultimately more interesting? How do we stay visible and fight the urge to sink? How do we keep afloat in the vats of excrement we find ourselves in? How do we transform and stay in that balance of being sparked or dulled or charge forward into the massive light? Why is disappearing not an option to me, even in loss and change?