Quique Escamilla

Quique Escamilla

  • Singer

JUNO Award winner, Quique Escamilla, is a Mayan-Mestizo singer-songwriter born and raised in the tropical land of Chiapas, Mexico. Today he is an international touring artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada. Quique breaks down language barriers through his powerful voice and passionate delivery while fusing traditional Mexican and Latin American rhythms, such as ranchera, huapango or cumbia with contemporary elements of rock, reggae and blues.

Quique’s latest album Encomiendare presents the “mestizaje of the Music of the Americas” and it promotes diversity of culture, colour, race and language. Quique’s music tells stories designed to elevate, support, strengthen and unite Indigenous Peoples’ voices across the Americas and to decimate colonialism, racism and xenophobia around the globe.

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