Nyda Kwasowsky

Nyda Kwasowsky

My language is the moving body and my practice is used as a tool for healing. Creating
space to reveal our vulnerability, where listening and storytelling can foster human
connections and collective care. This body has the role of remembering, dance as the
action that collects us. My work centers around loss, grief and belonging. Transforming
memories and histories from colonial supremacies. To voice and empower marginalized experience, to access empowerment.

Indo-Guyanese and British Ukrainian, my ‘moving body’ echoes the fluidity and
ambiguity of my identity. I score multidisciplinary improvisational explorations, using
sensation to create emotional environments. My presence in this racialized body is
connected to the past, to histories and the dreams of emergent futures. Creating a
ritualist relationship to place and time. I hope to generate undefinable states that are
sourced and shared through somatics. Where non-definitive synesthetic relationships
become an opportunity to form connections that push at the boundaries of who and
what we can be together.

Nyda is a dancer with Nova Dance Company.

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