Nithya Garg

Nithya Garg

  • Dance
  • Theatre

Nithya Garg is an emerging dance and theatre artist who has trained extensively in the South Asian classical form of Bharatanatyam for over a decade. Her work is deeply informed by the lineage of her artistic practice of Bharatanatyam and the pedagogy of Lata Pada who has guided her formal training through Sampradaya Dance Academy and the professional company of Sampradaya Dance Creations. Nithya has also trained in kalarippayattu, a South Indian martial art, with Gurukul Vikas Vijayan in Kerala, India. 

Through Sampradaya Nithya has performed in several Toronto productions, national, and international tours and continues to collaborate with the company. She was a featured artist for Anandam Dancetheatre’s public artwork, Ephemeral Artifacts Scarborough, which premiered at Nuit Blanche in 2019. 

Nithya received the 2020/21 Metcalf Internship in the Performing Arts to specialize in the fields of Curation and Production in dance, working with Anandam Dancetheatre. Her desire for sectoral models that are built with greater nuance and a dedication to community leadership along with a curiosity for the transformative capacities held within the practice of dance guides her to deepen her craft, and pursue spaces that challenge her growth as an artist.