Moskitto Bar

Moskitto Bar

  • Musician

An only-in-Toronto blend of the music of Ukraine, the Balkans, Iraq, Algeria, Brittany, Canada and more that celebrates the coming-together of cultures, and music’s ability to unite us – and get us moving. They like to focus on the common point between cultures and like they like to say, Moskitto Bar is ’’connecting cultures for a better future’’.

The extended Moskitto Bar family includes:

  • Tangi Ropars (France) accordion, vocals.
  • Ahmed Moneka (Iraq) percussion, vocals.
  • Fethi Nadjem (Algeria) violin, vocals.
  • Dijerdam Baiano (Brazil) percussion.
  • Demetrios Petsalakis (Greece) oud.
  • Christopher Kettlewell (Canada) bass.
  • Majd Sekkar (Syria) clarinette.