Markus Aurelyus Jackman

Markus Aurelyus Jackman

  • Singer-Songwriter

Markus Aurelyus is a Singer/Songwriter with a story to tell. Based in Scarborough, Ontario he  has a unique R&B vocal style that’s influenced by Gospel, Soul, Pop and Hip-Hop. Musically  influenced by artists of various genres, from Busta Rhymes to Jodeci, Donny Hathaway to Missy  Elliott, he has absorbed the musicality and creativity and uses these influences to inspire.  Singing since he was a baby and writing since 2012, he has performed on stage with and  recorded with acts such as Jully Black, Kierra Clark-Sheard, Serena Ryder, DVSN as well as many local artists. Whether singing an original song on stage or singing background for artists around  the city, this singers’ energy and presence on stage are hard to ignore. His dream is to write music and sing for artists all over the world but also to come together with other Toronto  musicians in creativity and unity to build a more revered, sought after platform for Canadian  R&B/Hip-Hop content and artists.

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