liza paul

liza paul

  • Comedian
  • Storytelling

liza paul is a storyteller, comedian, curator and producer who loves laughter, life, music, family, stories, all things bashment, impromptu dancehall-flavoured a cappella street jams, and pum-related non sequiturs. she has trained at the second city (improv conservatory + 2017 bob curry fellowship program) and is the co-creator of pomme is french for apple (best of fringe 2012, toronto), which has also played in winnipeg, edinburgh, and new york city. liza and her pomme partner in crime, bahia watson, are developing a variety show called MASHUP PON DI ROAD (coming summer 2022).

she has worked with soulpepper theatre company, anitafrika! dub theatre, bCurrent theatre, and the watah theatre, and is a content creator for programsound.fm, launching late july 2021. liza is currently the associate artistic director at the theatre centre, where she curated the inaugural comedy is art festival in 2019 and is working to continue to program as many comedy shows by women of colour as she possibly can. 

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