Jay Phillips

Jay Phillips

  • DJ
  • Producer

Jay, also known as pothound, is queer, trans, Scarborough born, Trinidadian raised space maker, producer, skater, DJ, sound nerd and general shit talker living in Tkaronto/Toronto.  

A leader in the skate community, Jay is involved through Christie Pit’s Grrrl’s Skate and their own event, DIY skate. They can be found across the few skateparks the city calls its own.  Through skateboarding, Jay’s work challenges us to reconsider our relationship to the land that we occupy as settlers. Skating is an artform that disrupts the hostile, commodified “public” spaces that dominate cities and reimagines the possibilities of shared space. Jay is also the Technical Director of Tea Base, a grassroots community arts space in Chinatown Centre Mall

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