Jasmine Chen

Jasmine Chen

  • Actor

Actor performing as Nell in Henry G20.

Jasmine is a second-generation Chinese immigrant artist based in T’karonto (Dish with One Spoon Territory) and the unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver). Her work has engaged with communities across Turtle Island, including The Stratford Festival, Shaw Festival, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Arts Club, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Factory Theatre, 4th Line Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, and Canadian Stage. At the core of her work is her dedication to community building, storytelling, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her interest in multilingual creation, audience interactivity, social justice, and diasporic narratives often drive her artistic practice. Jasmine is a performer, director, arts educator, producer, writer, and creator. She is a recipient of the Gina Wilkinson Award, Stratford Festival Jean Gascon Award, the Toronto Harold Award, and is a Dora Award nominee. Her work has been featured in CBC Arts, NOW Magazine, Toronto Star, Intermission Magazine, and Fete Chinoise Magazine.

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