Car Martin, OAA, M.Arch.

Car Martin, OAA, M.Arch.

  • City-Builder

Car Martin is an architect, artist and facilitator who has recently launched Cyan Station, an architecture studio that focuses on using technology and user-centred principles towards a vision of collectivism, care and environmental justice. Car’s practice is informed by many years’ experience leading co-design planning projects; designing residential, institutional and commercial architecture, and collaborating on community-based artworks.

Car is also a professor at the George Brown School of Design, where they teach interaction and experience design (UI/UX) at the Waterfront campus, a stone’s throw from the proposed Quayside development. Last year Car led a series of student projects exploring smart city technologies from a critical perspective, including prototypes for anti-surveillance fashion and design interventions. Car also recently contributed a book on the same topic “Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs” based on research on marginalized communities fighting surveillance in beautiful and creative ways. 

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