Bruno Capinan

Bruno Capinan

  • Singer-Songwriter

“Acrobatic, sensual, both angelic and profane” is how The Guardian describes Brazilian-born, Canadian singer-songwriter Bruno Capinan. His voice resonates with the vibrant legacy of a hybrid culture. Born in Salvador da Bahia, the epicentre of Afro Brazilian music, the internationally acclaimed artist has released five albums in his decade-long music career and performed to audiences in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. Bruno Capinan gained international recognition with the release of “DivinaGraça”(2016), including reviews in the French newspaper Libération, as well as Brazil’s largest publications OGlobo, Folhade São Paulo, and Rolling Stone Brazil.

Winner of the TELUS Newcomer Artist Award 2014, Capinan has collaborated with artists around the globe, including Japanese composer Jun Miyake, with whom he co-wrote and appeared on “Lost Memory Theatre Act-3”. Most recently, Capinan released his fifth studio album titled “Leão Ala do Sem Juba” (Winged Lion Without a Mane), recorded remotely between Canada, Brazil, France, and Portugal. He has been nominated to the prestigious APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) back to back, in the album of the year category, for his latest release “Leão Ala do Sem Juba” (2020) and “REAL” (2019).

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