• Musician

From the roots of South American soil, the seed of Baobá started to sprout back in 2016, when three friends felt the need to perpetuate their cultural expressions through music. Documenting history by their hands with creativity, empowerment, and original sounds, Baobá portrays the resilience rooted in Southern lands. After the joining of a talented bassist, Gio, in 2020, Baobá became a percussive quartet that explores the sounds and cultures of their Latin background. Bringing traditional rhythms in a unique formation.

The queer drumming quartet is composed of Toronto’s top female percussionists, featuring Y Josephine, Anita Graciano and Mari Palhares from Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil respectively, as well as multi-instrumentist Gio from Venezuela. Together they demonstrate the perfect synchronicity when they unite drums with melody, mixing Samba with Salsa, Cumbia with Maracatu, and many other cultural rhythms.

Baobá has shared the stage with artists like Moskitto bar, Okan, Lido Pimienta, John Orpheus, Lal, Jabu Morales and others, as well as being the opening act for IFÈ in Toronto. Now Baobá is working on recording their first album.