Anand Rajaram

Anand Rajaram

  • Actor

Performing as All-Justice in Henry G20.

Anand is an improviser, actor, playwright, director, musician, teacher & puppeteer. Most recently, he was in Buffoon by Anosh Irani and Mustard by Kat Sandler (Dora award for best performance in each), adapted/performed in Rohinton Mistry’s The Scream at SummerWorks (Winner Best Production), and has performed at Second City, Stratford, CanStage, VideoCabaret, and others. He is an accomplished film and tv performer as well as a voiceover artist for video games and cartoons. You may sometimes hear him as a panellist on CBC Radio’s Because News. He is artistic director of @[email protected]@[email protected], currently creating AR digital content for live streams under the banner of his company, Cardboard Dreams.

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