All In Good Time Activation #6: Creating

Creating: Moving from Inner Places of Awareness vs. moving the body in space.

Please click on the video below to begin the activation.

We invite you to play this audio track by Joshua Classic Roots DePerry while you read and reflect upon the Teachings shared below by Philip Davis and Isaiah Gilson. Joshua has incorporated sounds and tones from our WEST location Loafer’s Lake.

Audio Transcription

Place the palms of your hands together and in a washing motion, sweep one hand up the opposite arm, past the elbow, and all the way up to your shoulder.  Without lifting your hand sweep down and in a continuous action continue to wash and sweep up the opposite arm. Repeat this at least twice. Going arm to arm in a continuous sweeping action.

Can you identify a place in your body where you have the strongest sensation of flames, passion or fire?

Can you invite energy and movement to rise and emerge ‘from’ this place of sensation?

Move your physical body so the heat of all emotions, passions, desires, loves, fears, losses begins to rise from inside you and shimmers out into the world.  How far out and up can you send your shimmering heat waves?

When you are ready, invite your hands to settle somewhere near your heart or on the Earth. Settle into a gentle stillness, inviting empathy and care to flow through your bloodstream, honouring the power of your inner fire and tending to the warm comfort of its glow.

Indigenous Teaching from Philip Davis

Our thoughts are the most powerful gift provided to us by Creator, everything we do is birthed from thought, and if we honour where we received this power, our ability to create love, kindness, peace and harmony will empower and enlighten to extend outwardly.

Smudging Ceremony with Isaiah Gilson

An image of Isaiah Gilson standing in a forest in the wintertime, with palms over his chest.

Do not think you must do things this way, that way or the right way. While in certain  cases this is true, to live is a natural way of being. Being in naturalness can be as easy as  breathing, or as making your heartbeat. And in this feeling of just being, we can create  what is unique to us, no one else in the world is you.

An Offering from Isaiah Gilson

Smudging is a good place to start learning/understanding ceremony, also understand not all Indigenous People smudge in the same manner, this is one way of many. Also keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to smudge, only your way that feels natural and right to you, trust your body and spirit through your process. All of these steps are my personal ways of being, related to smudging and my general approach to my moment to moments in the day to day.