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All In Good Time Activation #1: Arriving

Arriving: Orienting towards a sense of Self-in-Place in this moment, now.

Please click on the video below to begin the activation.

We invite you to play this audio track by Joshua Classic Roots DePerry while you read and reflect upon the Teachings shared below by Philip Davis and Isaiah Gilson. Joshua has incorporated sounds and tones from our EAST location Ashbridges Bay.

Audio Transcription

Notice where the sun is in the sky.  You may see it or you may just feel it. 

Sense its position.

Imagine that the sun is shining a huge spotlight down on this place where you find yourself today.   What is illuminated?

Rub your hands together and place them in front of you so you can see your palms and fingers.  These are your hands. Your hands can change the world. 

Invite your heart to fill your hands with kindness. Receive this kindness.

Slowly bring your hands towards your body and let them Arrive at a place that is asking for Kindness today.  Receive this kindness.

Keeping your hands on your body, bring your attention to your Breath.

Breathe in and feel your lungs moving.  Your lungs are just one part of your body.

Now can you see your body as one part of this Place where you find yourself today?

And can you see this Place as one part of the World that the Sun is illuminating today? 

Invite your hands to gently float away from your body, connecting your body with the Sun’s life force energy.

In your own time, allow your arms to lower.

Settling your gaze with your breathing.

Indigenous Teaching from Philip Davis

Our eldest brother, the Sun, travels the same path every day providing unconditionally  its strength and power. From its source all of Creation benefits from its original instructions.

Smudging Ceremony with Isaiah Gilson

An image of Isaiah Gilson sitting outdoors in a forest during the winter

As you enter, arrive, and become aware of your breath. Acknowledge that breath feeds movement, it feeds every cell in your body, become present with the medicine you are breathing and arrive in the present moment.

An Offering from Isaiah Gilson

Smudging is a good place to start learning/understanding ceremony, also understand not all Indigenous People smudge in the same manner, this is one way of many. Also keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to smudge, only your way that feels natural and right to you, trust your body and spirit through your process. All of these steps are my personal ways of being, related to smudging and my general approach to my moment to moments in the day to day.