Art in Transit: Luminato on the GO!

Did someone just start reading to you on the GO train?

Then you’re in the right place.

They are reading to you from a book featured in our Online Beloved: Book Club.

The bookmark inside the Book of the Day features a photograph of the new installation Black Ark, presented with ArtworxTO and Luminato Festival Toronto, created by Oluseye Ogunlesi

Black Ark

A vessel. A threshold. A space for reflection.   

Nigerian Canadian artist Oluseye Ogunlesi explores Canada’s role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade through his installation Black Ark. Referencing the slave ships that were built in Canada, this cathedral-like structure invites you into the hull of a ship, creating passage and revealing the fractured and erased history of enslavement in Canada.  Built of wood, metal and found materials, Black Ark is an invitation to look back and move forward.  

Um of Water

Um of Water’s offers a series of conversations and invitations designed to recalibrate our relationship to Water, to move towards collectively de-centring ourselves in relationship to Water, and to strengthen our capacities in support of Water, water access, and precious water knowledges. 

Collective members Elwood Jimmy, Leslie McCue, Amy Sharrocks and Sara Roque with Alison Wong, share conversations and unique experiences around process, practice, language(s), responsibility, accountability, and the necessity and urgency of paths to wiser relationships with water and with each other. 

Learn more about Umof Water.

Art In Transit: Luminato on the GO! is grateful for the use of Um of Water’s original recording of water as part of Aren Okemaysim’s sound design.