Access Glossary

Holistic Access Logo

This logo appears on all Access Hub webpages within Luminato’s website to help identify the Access Program.

Image of the Letter L in large purple text. Inside the L are four access symbols, forming a line. from top to bottom the symbols appears as follows. (Partially sighted symbol, Closed caption symbol, Accessibility adjustments symbol and Interpreter symbol)

Accessibility Adjustments

This symbol is located on the access hub lower right corner. Click on this symbol to make accessibility adjustments to the webpage page. There are various profiles and presets such as seizure safe profile, vision impairment profile, cognitive disability profile, ADHD profile, screen readers profile, and keyboard navigation.

A purple circle  with a human figure in the center. The figure has its arms and legs stretched out.

Audio Description

Audio Description is the descriptive narration of key visual elements in television, live theatre, movies and various media.

A purple circle. The Letters A and D are inside the circle with three open brackets.


Captions includes elements such as background noises, speaker differentiation, music descriptions, sound effects and other relevant information translated from sound to text

A large green circle. Within the circle is white text with “C C”
A large red circle. Within the circle is white text with “O C”

Closed Captions

Closed Captions allows the viewer to turn the captions on and off.

There is no option to turn off open captions.

Open Captions

Open captions are burnt into the video and will always be visible.

Interpreters and Sign language

This access symbol indicated that Sign language interpretation is provided for our events, video, and other programing.

A red circle with two hands in the center. The left hand is making the gesture for the letter F in ASL. The right hand is making the same gesture as the left  in the  opposite direction.

Blind and Low Vision Access Symbol

The blind and low vision access symbol is used to indicate that programing is available for the blind and low vision. This symbol can be found in visual stories next to the text access symbol, located on the top left side of the visual story pages.

Relaxed Performance

A Relaxed Performance acknowledges the darkened and silent theatre experience as potentially isolating for some and caters to those who prefer a space that accommodates their needs.

Image of Access Icon Relaxed Performance. A purple Circle with a white R inside.

Radio LUMI

This logo appears on all information relating to our online radio station catering to Blind and Low vision audiences.

Image of Radio Lumi Logo.  The words Radio Lumi appears in purple text in bold font.  Partially sighted access symbol is located on the right top corner next to the text Radio.

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