Youth Photography Program

The Youth Photography Program is an educational initiative designed to mentor young people between the ages of 14 and 18 who are passionate about photography. It provides a space for youth, across cities and school boards, to learn more about photography from mentors who are thrilled to impart their knowledge. Luminato has much to offer young people in experience and programming, and much to gain from their involvement.



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How to Participate


  • You are a professional photographer
  • You have a wealth of photographic knowledge and experience
  • You are interested in volunteering your time and mentorship

Volunteer recruitment for Luminato 2017 is now closed. Please round back in December to submit an application for next year!



  • You are between the ages of 14 and 18
  • You are passionate about the arts and photography
  • You are interested in capturing and sharing people’s stories through photography
  • You are willing to approach festivalgoers to take their picture, and upload images to social media platforms
Luminato is committed to accessibility and providing a healthy and inclusive workplace that supports diversity and prevents discrimination. We provide equal opportunities to all employees and volunteers without regard to race, religious belief, colour, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental disability, age, ancestry or place of origin in accordance with all applicable legislation.

Volunteer recruitment for Luminato 2017 is now closed. Please round back in December to submit an application for next year!




Hone your skills
Over the course of two workshops, students will learn photographic technique and how to capture compelling content.



Capture the festival
Capture Luminato Festival thorugh your lens in June, and help celebrate and contribute to our festival programming.



Develop your portfolio
All images you capture during the festival help you build up your portfolio.



Community Service Hours
All the hours you spend attending the workshops and taking photos count towards your community service hours.



Learn from the Experts
You will learn from experienced photographers through workshops and hands-on instructions throughout the festival.



Your images will be shared on Luminato social media platforms and other digital properties, with due credit.


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