Our Commitment Our Commitment

Luminato and its artistic and venue partners are committed to being a festival that is accessible as many people as possible. At the core of this commitment are specialized performances that are designed to accommodate a wide range of audience members.  Care and consideration has been taken to ensure:

  • Our programs and services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all people
  • Our programs and services for people living with disabilities are integrated, creating equal opportunities for everyone to participate in and benefit from the festival.

Our Commitment Audio Guide


We work in various venues across Toronto and each venue has different accessibility features. Advance information about each venue’s accessibility features is available here to help you plan your visit to the festival.

Please listen to the Luminato 2019 Audio Guide to learn about Luminato’s activities within the Harbourfront vicinity.

Audio description devices for blind and partially sighted patrons should be picked up at least 30 min prior in order to hear introductory notes describing the set, costumes and performers.

Touch tour begins promptly 1 hour prior to the performance of Rite of Spring. Please arrive at the theatre lobby a few minutes in advance.

Performances  Specialized Performances

We have a number of specialized performances in order to accommodate the various needs of our audience members. Click the links below to visit the show pages for more information or follow the link to download the Accessible Program.

Audio Description Audio Description
June 16, 2019 1:00pm Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools
June 22, 2019 2:00pm Rite of Spring
ASL Sign Language Interpretation
June 9, 2019 1:00pm Monday Nights
June 15, 2019 5:00pm True North (panel discussion)
Relaxed Performance Relaxed Performance
June 10, 2019 11am - 12pm House of Mirrors
June 16, 2019 11am - 12pm House of Mirrors
June 21, 2019 11am - 12pm House of Mirrors
  Download House of Mirrors Visual Story
June 14, 2019 7pm Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools
  Download Visual Story for Kiinalik (Show Info)
  Download Visual Story for Kiinalik (Show Venue)
Hearing Device Hearing Assistance Devices
June 14, 2019 8:00pm BIZIINDAN!
All performances Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen)
All performance Kiinalik (These Sharp Tools)
All performances Triptych (Eyes of One on Another)
All performances The Full Light of Day
Subtitles Closed Captioning
June 15, 2019 5:00pm True North (screening)
Audio Description Surtitles
All performances Masquerade

Tickets How to order tickets

You can purchase Luminato tickets through our website or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. We accept TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers.

If you require space for a mobility device, such as a wheelchair, scooter or a seat for a support person, please call our box office to book your tickets and advise the ticket agent at the time of purchase and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Be sure to order your tickets early as some venues have limited number of accessible seats.

Magnifying Sheets Magnifying Sheets

Magnifying sheets may be borrowed from the House Manager.

Service Animals Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in areas/premises that are open to the public. If you are bringing a service animal to a show, please call us at 416 368 3100 x254 in advance so we can book a suitable seat.

Visitors to Toronto Visitors to Toronto

Toronto is proud to be an accessible destination. Take charge of your travel needs by consulting The Canadian Travel Agencies guide for those with special requirements; for accessibility standards in Ontario, please visit CWDO.org.

Resources Accessibility Resources

  • AccessTO – A blog-based website for reviews of the physical environments in Toronto including restaurants, bars and concert venues.
  • Planat and Access Now – Online tools that allows you to view and rate the accessibility of places worldwide, including many Toronto venues.
  • AXS Map – A world-wide site allows you to find accessible businesses in Toronto and other cities across the world.
  • Learn more about Toronto Pearson Airport’s accessibility.

Transportation Accessible Transportation

Learn more about Toronto Transit Commission’s accessible transit services.

Dignity Transportation is Ontario’s largest transportation provider for those with special needs. Tourists with disabilities may also use the city’s Wheel-Trans service for a two week period each year. Tourists must be registered with the specialized transit service where they live. Call Wheel-Trans reservations at 416 393 4222 to set up your temporary service any time after 12 PM EST.

Questions Questions

Please contact Stephen Barber at accessibility@luminato.com or 416 368 3100 x254.

We welcome your feedback as we strive to expand our accessibility offerings.

All questions and concerns received will be acknowledged within two business days from the date of receipt.