Day 3: Saturday, June 13


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Luminato Festival Toronto: Virtual 2020 wraps up with a full programme and a party! Beginning at 1:00pm (EDT), the final day includes intense conversations, musical performances, interactive activities and a by-request radio hour, and Luminato's sold out 2019 hit The Cave. Stick around for late night revelry at THE REVELATION and party like it's the end of the world with Les Femmes Fatales and friends.

Luminato Festival Toronto : Virtual 2020 se conclut avec une programmation abondante et une fête! Commençant à 13 h 00 (HAE), le dernier jour inclut des conversations intenses, des spectacles musicales, les activités interactives et une heure de radio sur demande, et le spectacle complet du Luminato 2019, The CaveRestez encore pour les festivités nocturnes dynamiques à THE REVELATION et faire la fête comme c’est la fin du monde avec Les Femmes Fatales et d’autres amis.

Day 3: Artist Bios

Photo Credit: Amy Siegel

1:00pm (EDT)
Welcome & Here We Are

Welcome from Naomi Campbell, Artistic Director of Luminato; followed by Here We Are, a reimagined, re-embodied land acknowledgement which will begin each day of Luminato's programming. Adapted from The Election, a play by Natasha Greenblatt and Yolanda Bonnell with the company, commissioned and produced by Common Boots Theatre, Here We Are is written and conceived by Yolanda and Natasha, in collaboration with filmmaker Amy Siegel.

Artists: Yolanda Bonnell, Natasha Greenblatt, Amy Siegel, Augusto Bitter, Rachel Cairns, Joelle Peters, Anand Rajaram, Rose Stella, Courtenay Stevens 


Photo Credit: Chris Katsarov Luna

1:15pm (EDT)
What Art Has to Offer Immigration
Film, Music & Talk

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence shares original music, video art and performances created in collaboration with artists lo bil, Mark Campbell, Sharada Eswar, Tom Kuo and Nava Waxman. Dive deeper into The Lab with a short, behind-the-scenes film made by visual artist Claudia Arana, followed by an artistic statement from Founder and Chief Artistic Officer Helen Yung about what art has to offer Immigration.

Join the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence during the livestream for a Watch Party on Whereby, with a question and answer period to follow.

Artists: Claudia Arana, lo bil, Mark Campbell, Sharada Eswar, Tom Kuo, Nava Waxman, Helen Yung


Photo Credit: Tanja Tiziana

2:00pm (EDT)
Blast Theory's My One Demand
Film | Open Captions 

Over the course of one sunset, as shadows lengthen, My One Demand takes a long winding walk through Toronto. This single-shot film follows alongside seven characters as they stride across the city, connected by unrequited love.

Conceived, produced and shot by artist collective Blast Theory with Luminato Festival Toronto, My One Demand was originally produced, presented and live-streamed during the 2015 Festival.

My One Demand is available as part of ASL Saturday Afternoon, co-hosted by Natasha Bacchus.

Artists: Blast Theory, Alex Peckham, Brielle Robillard, Clare Coulter, Craig Thomas, Faisal Butt, Gia Nahmens, Grace Baird, Julian Richings, Ju Row Farr, Liat Wassershtrom, Maggie Huculak, Maria Esthela, Matt Adams, Max Sebastián Roche, Maziar Ghaderi, Nick Tandavanitj, Oscar Maydon, Patricia Marcoccia, Rida Salman Rabbani, Ruben Woodin-Dechamps, Sarah Clark, Sascha Cole 


Photo Credit: Alex McLean

3:50pm (EDT)
Vista20 with Zuppa Theatre Co.
Community | Captioning 

Vista20 is an app-guided walking tour that can be done anywhere: on the spot, in circles around your apartment, or on the streets in your neighbourhood. Designed for social distancing, Vista20 sets out to ask big questions about our health care system without losing track of the day-to-day realities faced by public health workers in the field.

Vista20 is available as a free download, and a version of the experience is available with captioning.

For more information on Vista20’s development and partners, please visit zuppatheatre.com.

Artists: Zuppa Theatre Co.: Alex McLean, Stewart Legere, Anika Riopel, Andrew Burke


Photo Credit: Leila Dhore

4:00pm (EDT)
CKLN Radio Hour with DJ Ron Nelson

Known as the "Godfather of Toronto Hip Hop" Ron Nelson was a trailblazing DJ during the heyday of the activist radio station CKLN-FM. For Luminato’s Radio Hour, Nelson plays iconic picks from the CKLN era and takes audience requests through live chat.

Artist: Ron Nelson

Photo Credit: Tanja Tiziana

7:00pm (EDT)
Henry G20 Sneak Peek Podcast

Join us for a work-in-progress excerpt from Henry G20, an epic battle for the streets of Toronto, freely reimagined from Shakespeare’s Henry V and set amidst the G20 protests of June 2010.

Artists: Christine Brubaker, Constantine X. Anastasakis, Miquelon Rodriguez, Neta Rose, Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Anand Rajaram, Kit Boulter


Photo Credit: The Atlantic 

7:15pm (EDT)
Activism During the Pandemic: A Conversation

The Henry G20 sneak peek podcast will be followed by Activism During the Pandemic: A Conversation, featuring artist and activist Syrus Marcus Ware, activist and scholar Lesley Wood and activist and former MP Olivia Chow.

Artists: Syrus Marcus Ware, Lesley Wood, Olivia Chow, Christine Brubaker


Photo Credit: Delal Hagos

8:00pm (EDT)
John Millard & Tomson Highway's The Cave featuring a visit with Tomson Highway
Cabaret | Listening Party 

While a forest fire rages all around destroying everything in its path, a group of animals escape to what they believe will be the safety of The Cave. Through poignant, funny and disarming songs, this is an intimate response to an environment in crisis, and asks who is actually responsible to the land and the lives that inhabit it.

The Cave was a sold out hit at Luminato’s 2019 Festival. This year’s presentation includes a special introduction from the cabaret’s lyricist Tomson Highway. 

The Cave is one of two Luminato listening parties for the blind and low vision community, hosted by Christine Malec. Learn how to participate on our Accessibility page.

Artists: Tomson Highway, John Millard, Martha Ross, Gregory Oh, Adam Paolozza, Victor Pokinko, Alex Samaras, Neema Bickersteth, Derek Kwan, Andrea Koziol, Rob Clutton, Germain Liu, Karen Ng, Matti Pulkki, Trevor Schwellnus, Allie Marshall, Christopher Ross-Ewart, Andre Du Toit, Yesim Tosuner, Gregory Sinclair

Generously supported by Larry and Judy Tanenbaum and Family.


Photo Credit: Kevin Kelly

9:35pm (EDT)
Sultans of String's Refuge 
Music & Talk

Artist and activist Ange Loft hosts a conversation inspired by Sultans of String’s newly released album Refuge, a collaboration with over 30 musicians, that addresses the challenges facing the world’s displaced peoples. Elder Duke Redbird, Ifrah Mansour, Waleed Abdulhamid and producer Chris McKhool will look at how refugees and displaced persons, particularly those who are artists, can guide us through the present moment; and they will share new music videos from the project.

Artists: Chris McKhool, Waleed Abdulhamid, Ange Loft, Duke Redbird, Ifrah Mansour

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Photo Credit: Redworks Photography

10:10pm (EDT)
Closing Song with Nimkii Osawamick  

With a love of song and dance, acclaimed Anishinaabe artist Nimkii Osawamick officially closes the virtual festival with his drum and his powerful voice.

Artist: Nimkii Osawamick

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Photo Credit: Sly Pereira

10:15pm (EDT) 
THE REVELATION with Les Femmes Fatales, VJ Tiana Smith and DJ Nik Red 
Music & Performance

Come and party like it's the end of the world with Les Femmes Fatales, DJ Nik Red and VJ Tiana Smith.

Les Femmes Fatales is a burlesque troupe comprised of Black women, femmes and persons of colour. Their performances are a direct response to the collective changes we can already see in the world, and how, now more than ever, vulnerability, the sensual, and our collective expression are vital.

THE REVELATION welcomes you to leave it all behind with a late-night adventure into the world of burlesque, music and video installation.

Artists: Les Femmes Fatales: Dainty Smith, Ivory, Ravyn Wngz, Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Zyra Lee Vanity; DJ Nik Red, VJ Tiana Smith

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