Luminato News: November 2018

A round up of this month's exciting news from the Luminato family.

Nov 30, 2018

It's starting to get chilly out there! Can you really blame us for thinking about next summer already? As an early holiday treat, the first five shows for Luminato 2019 have been announced (tickets on sale now!). You won't want to miss out on any of the groundbreaking shows that we have in store - like the multimedia spectacle The Full Light of Day; learn more about this truly special production below:

Part theatre, part film, The Full Light of Day tells the story of Mary, an aging matriarch of a Canadian family. As the end of her life draws near, Mary refuses to continue to turn a blind eye toward the misdeeds that helped her family amass their great wealth. The story forces the audience to confront the systemic corruption and ethical paradoxes that underline most of modern day society. Does our ignorance also make us complicit? 
The production blurs the boundaries of media and theatre, using live film, cameras, and image and video projections to create an integrated and visually-stunning experience. The Full Light of Day is an ambitious multimedia spectacle - we can't wait to see you there! Get your tickets for The Full Light of Day here
The Full Light of Day is co-presented with Canadian Stage.

Slava's Snowshow

Meanwhile, our friends at Neworld Theatre are on the move!
After its world premiere at Luminato 2017, King Arthur's Night will be taking the world by storm in March 2019 at the international Hong Kong Arts Festival.
A huge congratulations to the Neworld Theatre team!

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