A message from Luminato CEO Anthony Sargent CBE

May 14, 2020 | BY: Anthony Sargent CBE

A message from Luminato CEO Anthony Sargent CBE


I am Anthony Sargent, CEO of Luminato Festival Toronto. We are so sad this year that because of the pandemic, we cannot present the festival we had hoped and planned to present. We had an extraordinary range of work lined up from Toronto artists, Canadian artists, and artists from around the world.

That sorrow is shared with so many of our friends and colleagues at arts organizations, not just across Canada but around the world. There are so many artists who presented extraordinary work in other times that they can’t present now; arts organizations that are closed and shuttered; arts audiences who aren’t seeing the work to which they have become accustom to over the years. We all feel an incredible sense of sadness and loss about that.

Because we are an annual festival and we appear only once a year in June, we do not have the option that some of our colleagues have of appearing during the fall or just after Christmas. So instead, we are presenting our first-ever, all-online, all-free virtual Luminato, for 3 days from June 11 – 13, 2020. It will have a lot of the kind of things we expect to see in a Luminato Festival—an extraordinary range of work from different artforms, different artists, and different kinds of work—but this new format has also allowed us to do things in a virtual festival that we could never present live, so it will be an exciting mix. It is a first for us and it will be a journey of discovery and adventure.

Then in a year’s time, all being well, Luminato will be back on the stages and streets of Toronto for our 15th Anniversary festival. Join us for that, but more immediately, we look forward to seeing you from June 11 – 13 for our first-ever, virtual Luminato Festival.