Coronavirus and COVID-19 - Statement from Luminato Festival Toronto

Coronavirus and COVID-19
Statement from Luminato Festival Toronto

Mar 13, 2020 | BY: Anthony Sargent CBE

Coronavirus and COVID-19
Statement from Luminato Festival Toronto

The 14th Luminato Festival Toronto is scheduled to run from June 11th to 28th 2020, and so far two shows are announced and on sale (The Cherry Orchard and Requiem pour L.). 
We have planned an exciting range of indoor and outdoor programming this year of which we are very proud, from leading Canadian and International artists.  However, all that planning is now secondary to responding to the global spread of the pandemic COVID-19, doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of all our artists, our audiences, and everyone touched in any way by Luminato. We are working closely with public health and government authorities and respecting their advice and their instructions, and also liaising closely with our artists and with the venues where our performances are planned to take place.  
We will announce our program for Luminato 2020 as soon as we believe we can see the likely effect of COVID-19 on our plans. That will be later than we normally announce our program.  We ask all our friends who have enjoyed previous Luminato festivals and are looking forward to Luminato 2020 to bear with these planning challenges – being addressed by all of us working in culture and the arts around the world.  As soon as we are ready to announce this year’s program and put tickets on sale we will reach out by email to people who have bought tickets at previous festivals, and our website and social media channels and advertising will immediately carry full details of this year’s festival. 
At that point we will also announce any special precautions we will put in place to do our best to ensure the health and safety of everyone connected in any way with Luminato.  Creating a safe environment at our festival, and doing all we can to ensure our artists do not suffer avoidably in this fast-developing situation, come ahead of any other consideration.
We will update this statement regularly as the situation develops.  For more information please contact us at info@luminato.com

Anthony Sargent CBE
Luminato Festival Toronto


In light of the evolving situation with COVID-19, we are monitoring and following all Health Canada and Toronto Public Health recommendations.
We have revised our ticketing policies to reflect the fast-developing nature of this public health situation. If you are considering buying tickets, and are unsure of what happens if Public Health later advises against attending public gatherings, please be assured that we have the following options available. 
  1. You may exchange your tickets to any event running during 2020 Luminato Festival up to 24 hours before your scheduled performance. All exchange fees will be waived.
  2.  You may turn your tickets into a gift certificate to be used at future festivals. Please contact us for details.
  3. You may convert your tickets into a charitable donation to Luminato Festival Toronto, recognising the likely financial challenge the pandemic will represent for Luminato as for other arts and cultural organisations.  You will receive a full tax receipt including HST
Tickets will not normally be taken back for refund.