Luminato 2018: Making Space for Art and Activism Part II

Jan 2, 2019


Luminato strives to create programming that uses the power of art for positive change and that sparks conversations that carry on well after the final bow. The Luminato 2018 program was full of timely and thoughtprovoking pieces that were a great jumping off point for a series of engaging forums and talks based on the festival’s overarching themes. These talks were an opportunity for our audiences to dig deeper and align what they saw on stage with the world around them:

NO GOING BACK Future Feminism a town hall meeting

Photo by Taku Kumabe

In partnership with Hot Doc Ted Rogers Cinema, Luminato presented Game Changers: Inspiring Women, a series of six documentary films (Mankiller, Anita, Bhutto, Madonna: Truth or Dare, !Women Art Revolution and Public Speaking) to celebrate and honour the lives of revolutionary women. Building on the themes of women’s empowerment and feminism as a social movement, Luminato worked with a committee of entrepreneurs, policy makers and executive leaders between the ages of 16-27 to build a panel of exemplary, strong-minded game changers to take part in a townhall discussion.

Photos by Taku Kumabe.

The resulting panel included Calgary-based artist and author, Vivek Shraya; Krysta Williams, Advocacy & Outreach Coordinator at the Native Youth Sexual Health Network; Arezoo Najibzadeh, an advocate for women’s political empowerment and part of the Young Women’s Leadership Network in Toronto; and 17-year-old filmmaker and activist, Tessa Hill. The discussion was moderated by Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Member of Parliament for Whitby. Following the townhall panel, the 500+ audience participated in a Q&A.

NO GOING BACK: Future Feminism a townhall meeting was presented by The Globe and Mail.

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