The Mid-Winter Playlist

We're definitely not Pitchfork but we made a list anyway.

Dec 28, 2020 | BY: Luminato

LAL musicians Nickolas Murray and Rosina Kasi standing in front of a red brick wall, wearing sunglasses and looking up to the right.
Image Credit: NADJA SAYEJ

Top 7 midwinter listening suggestions to get you through the last few days of 2020 and beyond.

1. LAL - Meteors Could Come Down
Yes, Rosina Kasi (one half of the duo named LAL) is a creative producer here at Luminato. Yes, we are biased. And yes, it's still an incredible album born from the depths of strangeness that was 2020. Top of our list.

2. Backxwash - God has nothing to do with this, leave him out of it
Winner of the 2020 Polaris Prize. No further explanation required.

3. Jessie Reyes - Before Love Came to Kill Us
That line, "like June in the west end", catches all our Toronto feels. Next summer we can hang out, right?

4. Jamael Dean - Ished Tree
Pianist and jazz prodigy helping us stay calm as 2021 looms on the horizon. 

5. Pheobe Bridgers - Punisher
Seems like an appropriate sentiment for the year past.

6. Peggy Gou - Starry Night (or how to feel alive)
Yes, please.

7. The Beaches - The Professional
If a straight-forward rocker chic band named for an east-end neighbourhood is your jam, this one's for you.