How to Support Artists (after a really tough year)

We've pulled together a list of ideas and actions you can take to support artists and arts workers in your community. Think of it as our version of a gift guide.

Dec 23, 2020 | BY: Luminato

  1. Watch their shows. Someday we'll be able to attend shows IRL again. Until then, register, login, and watch from the comfort of your couch. 

  2. Buy their work. If you are able, buy their work. Buy the tickets, the paintings, the albums, the work they are producing under very difficult circumstances and still sharing with the world

  3. Support them on social. Like, follow, comment, share. It all matters and helps them grow their audience. It also helps keep the loneliness at bay.

  4. Listen to them. But don't try to make it better. Just listen and avoid the urge to tell them it's not as bad as they think. 

  5. Hire them. If you have opportunities to share, open doors for the artists in your community.

  6. Help them access learning. Now is a good time to invest in learning. Help artists increase their skills with workshops, trainings, and classes.

  7. Donate to organizations. Support the organizations that are supporting artists in your community.

  8. Be a patron. If you are able, give the gift of money.

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How are you supporting artists and arts workers in your community?
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