#TurnOnTheHearn: Game On!

Take a digital tour around the virtual plans for Hearn Generating Station.

Jun 7, 2016

Take a digital tour around the virtual plans for Hearn Generating Station, developed by Norm Li.

Please note:
  • Clicking on image below will open the game module in a new window, taking you to an external page on Norm Li's website.
  • Upon opening the game module, your browser will automatically download scripts and files to run the application.
  • If you have trouble running the module, please try on a newer computer with a different graphics card.
  • The link is viewable only on desktop with your mouse and keyboard. To experience the virtual Hearn on your mobile devices, you can download The Hearn app available in both iOS and Android formats. Click the buttons below or do a search for "The Hearn Luminato" on your app store.
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Turnonthehearn game

Explore the Virtual Hearn More info about the Hearn

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