About The Famous Spiegeltent

What is The Famous Spiegeltent? Why is it capital-f Famous?

May 16, 2017 | BY: Luminato

We'll tell you! It's a 1920s heritage travelling pavilion which provides an intimate performance space. There are only a handful of these unique “tents of mirrors” left in the world today. The Famous Spiegeltent, considered the most beautiful of the last remaining Belgian Spiegeltents, was built in 1920 by master craftsmen Oscar Mols Dom and Louis Goor. This Grande Dame has spent her lifetime at the behest of festivals and fairgrounds throughout Europe and beyond, playing host to the world’s greatest cabaret artists, musicians, and circus burlesque performers. It's been a mainstay at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has travelled from Melbourne to Montreal, Brighton and now Toronto.

The Famous Spiegeltent is the very essence of a festival club, "kabaret salon" and intimate concert hall. Like every old theatre, her ghosts travel with her, woven into ballooning velvet canopies, circular teak dance floor, and stained, cut-glass windows. Her intimate booths, ornate bar, and beveled mirror columns hold a million secrets while her glorious Art Nouveau chandelier (or trapeze rig) swings overhead. Since Marlene Dietrich sang "Falling In Love Again" on The Famous Spiegeltent stage in the 1930s, its magic mirrors have reflected thousands of artists, audiences, and eclectic gatherings.


Fun facts
  • The Famous Spiegeltent is transported from place to place in two 40-foot shipping containers and is constructed on site at each location. It takes 16 hours to assemble.
  • The structure consists of approximately 3,000 pieces of wood, mirrors, canvas, and stained glass, and is detailed in velvet and brocade.
  • Each piece is designed to be light enough for one person to carry.
  • Inside, you’ll find intimate booths, an ornate bar, bevelled mirror columns, an Art Nouveau chandelier, and a trapeze rig.
  • The bevelled mirrors were designed so that you can see other people in the venue without being seen!


The Famous Spiegeltent will be in David Pecaut Square from June 14–25, featuring over 15 different shows.
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